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Sunday, 15 March 2015

I’ve decided to postpone my marriage and pregnancy in order to fight legal battles.

Exactly two years ago, I posted this:

15 days before that, FAP even shared my blog post:

Things took a change one month later, a government agency decided to use taxpayers’ money to sue me for defamation when I was telling the truth.
Right now, I’m 23.
Instead of being a mother, I’ve decided to postpone my marriage and pregnancy in order to fight legal battles.

Don’t you think your wife should stay at home and take care of their children after they’ve given birth?
Before I was born, there were 2,623,736 Singaporeans but now, there are 3,343,030 Singaporeans when the birth rate is so low?
Mothers need to recuperate and breastfeeding is good for babies, isn’t it better for mothers rather than maids to take care of babies?
Imagine a Singapore where the cost of living doesn’t stress both parents to work, do you think the birth rate will increase?

If parents find education expensive, then why don’t we change the education system?
The Government spends $400 Million of taxpayers’ money on foreign students a year so why can’t we invest this amount on our children?
Didn’t the PAP MPs said degree is not important and even ITE can enter parliament?
Why can’t we groom our own local talents?

Why do Singaporeans fall into buying an executive condominium?
It’s either you buy a private property or public housing, why purchase EC and get into trouble later on?
Of course, it’s very expensive to buy landed property in Singapore
Who’s responsible for the high cost of public housing and healthcare in Singapore?

While guys complain about NS or RT or reservist etc is there anyone protesting against it or writing petition to at least reduce the duration of NS?
Saying that it’s shortened from 2.5 to 2 years, think about what percentage of first world country has compulsory conscription?
With NS and CPF, are Singaporeans more “affordable” to employers or foreigners?
Is this why foreigners are getting the jobs instead of Singaporeans?

I really wonder what kinda people Singaporeans want in parliament…
I’ve never seen any MP questioning why statutory boards are wasting taxpayers’ money.
I’ve never seen any MP questioning with vigor why there is no transparency with regards to our CPF fund and where exactly is our money.
I’ve never seen any MP questioning why 60% of our HDB is for land cost making our public housing the most expensive in the entire world.

Have you ever attended a parliamentary session?
Perhaps you should go and find out how is it like.
In Singapore, there’s no debate and it’s worse than a speech.
I don’t even know why you vote for people who don’t even attend parliamentary sessions.

Worse, some don’t even attend meet-the-people session too.

But well, Singaporeans voted for these the past 50 years.