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Thursday, 30 April 2015

A 17 year old is being punched in Singapore.

In Singapore, the incumbent PAP government hires internet brigade to use ad hominem against critics online.

Ever since the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, 6 protesters were being charged for protesting against the pension scheme, a 17 year old boy was put in remand, two youngsters were charged for illegal protest and even alternative news sites were not spared.

Now, a 17 year old child is being punched on his way to court.

If this isn’t tyranny, what is?

Race and religion is a topic that’s “untouchable” under the laws of the PAP.

Punish him through the laws and see who'll still respect you?
Why hire people to attack him online and physically too?

Do you dare tell me that none of the PAP supporters hurl vulgarities?
None of the PAP supporters brought in religion?
None of the PAP supporters discriminate other races?
Come on, don’t be a joke, even the people in parliament did them.

Did anything happen to the PAP supporters and PAP MPs?

And now Amos, a 17 year old, is being punched in Singapore.

There are many blog sites, there are many youtube videos.

Did anyone put a gun on your head and tell you to read his blog?
Did anyone tell you that they will chop off your sexual organs if you don’t watch his videos?
You chose to watch and you get angry.

Wow, you can sit through the entire video and you’re angry?
Even Lee Kuan Yew walked away when Tin Pei Ling speaks.

So PAP supporters do not believe in voicing out.
They believe in using violence to solve problems.

What a day to remember.
30 April 2015.