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Friday, 10 April 2015

After being interviewed by 100 different reporters…

We often see reporters classifying people but why don't people classify them?
Let’s try!

1. Reporters who do not know the truth and publish lies.
Have you heard of celebrities being "pregnant" or people who tell you a salary of $1,000 can get you a flat?
Yeah, those "responsible" reporters whose source will be some anonymous online website.

2. Reporters who do know the truth but publish lies.
Have you had people who ask you to read the "right" thing or people who tell you that your CPF money belong to you?
Yup, those reporters who are "capable" enough to remain in the industry despite breaking their moral conduct code.

3. Reporters who know the truth but refuse to publish them.
Have you got "friends" who promise you things but never do or people who tell you healthcare is affordable but only themselves get a heart bypass for $8?
Yeap, those that are so "honest" to their ego that they can't accept themselves to publish the truth.

So how to handle them?

Simply tell them "Oh yes! There's this forum user who said I'm jobless, useless, liar, cheater, blah blah blah... Add them in too! One day, you can become an author and your book can be found as number 1 under non-fiction just like him"