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Singapore since 1613

Disclaimer: don’t bother reading if you believe the propaganda that Singapore was a fishing village.

In history, the Chinese in Singapore fought among themselves.
Later on, there were various fighting in Singapore.

Don’t believe?
Let’s look at it factually through these 15 events:

In 1613, Portuguese raiders burned down our land and the island sank into obscurity for the next two centuries.
In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles arrived and signed a treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah of Johor to develop the southern part of Singapore as a British trading post.
In 1824, the entire island became a British possession under a further treaty with the Sultan as well as the Temenggong.
In 1826, Singapore became part of the Straits Settlements under the jurisdiction of British India.
On 5 May 1854, Hokkien-Teochew riots caused 500 dead and 300 injured.

From November 1944 to May 1945, Japanese occupied Singapore until the British repossessed it in September 1945 after the Surrender of Japan.
On 11 December 1950, Maria Hertogh riots caused 18 dead and 173 injured.
On 13 May 1954, National Service Riots caused 26 injured.
On 12 May 1955, Hock Lee Bus Riots caused 4 dead and 31 injured.
On 13 May 1956, Chinese middle schools riots caused 13 dead and 100 injured.

On 12 July 1963, Pulau Senang prison riots caused 4 dead and 5 injured.
On 21 July 1964, Race Riots caused 36 dead and 556 injured.
On 13 May 1969, Race Riots of Singapore caused 4 dead and 80 injured.
On 8 December 2013, Little India riot caused 27 injured.
On 27 September 2014, an event was organised asking the government to be transparent and accountable towards our CPF money.

They decided to charge my supporters and me for marching, shouting, chanting slogans, waving flags, holding placards, blowing whistles, beating drums and organising a demonstration without approval.

Since when is there even approval needed man?
And please show me a protest in their "word" where people do not do any of the above =.=

Just when you thought charging a child as an adult is bad and sentencing someone as a child after being charged as an adult is worse.
The worst may come…
Very soon…


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