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Exactly 10 months ago, I went for an event.

I told someone who spoke at my event this month something that happened last year and I thought you may wanna know too…

Exactly 10 months ago, I went for an event a day after the 7th event - #ReturnOurCPF part 2: Medishield Life.

I saw politicians from two political parties in Singapore.
One of the political parties had the guest of honour while the other political parties had attendees like myself.
It was about remembering the pioneer generation as well as the legacy of the Chinese educated and Chinese schools in Singapore.

Of the people from the two political parties who were present, one smiled at me while the other stared giving the “what rights do you have to be here” look.
I went there with civil/public servants and I was on a different status when I was there.
I was representing certain donors.

新加坡消失的华校,永远记住这都是李光耀的所作所为attending an event "the disappearance of Singapore's Chinese schools" always remember, this is the outcome of the malicious policies that devious Lee Kuan Yew came up with

Posted by Han Hui Hui on Saturday, 12 July 2014

During 27 Sep last year, the same politicians from the political party who smiled kept silent while the other was fast to condemn us.
They later on either deleted or hid their posts on their personal accounts while trying to salvage the situation on their public page.
I’m just wondering what exactly the people voted for?

#新马港台In one, politicians back up protest leaders and work in pairs to gather the people at different stations then...

Posted by Han Hui Hui on Saturday, May 2, 2015

10 months ago, when they saw me, they didn’t bother to even say hi or ask why I was there.
Of course the Chinese schools were gone by the time I was born in the 1990s then why didn’t you have the common sense that I should be representing others?
You politicians didn’t bother to even ask and clarify then condemn straight away?

Some times when I’m reading the news, I actually feel that you politicians deserve it.
No one told you to be corrupted anyway.
The way you keep silent and make your own conclusions instead of asking for the facts is no surprise that voting for people like you, no questions will be asked, no follow up will be done and less to say manage whatever you need to.


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