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I’m not allowed to talk about CPF because of “confidentiality” and I'm now told that talking about GIC or Temasek including their investment is deemed “conflict of interest”.

Dear blog,

Ever since previous election in 2011, the government set up a “factually” website in 2012.
In order to prevent you from being listed there, I’ve to make sure that you’re nothing but facts.
Previously I was only prepared for defamation suit when exposing the education system, now I’ve gotta get myself prepared for other legal issues when exposing the pension system.

As such, I embarked on another journey months ago since I’ve been barred from organising events.
I actually kinda hinted it on my facebook and one particular post months ago about an “argument” nearly got people involved into trouble.
They’ve yet to sue for exposing the education system or knowledge on pension system but are using ad hominem and my age to put down my words.

There are people going around and even right at my face said that I’m who I am now thanks to them that my speech as well as knowledge on the above were all from them.
The truth is I’ve never agreed with them before.
The sad thing is I can only say “ok” and nothing else because I’m not allowed to talk about it especially in public.


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