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From #ReturnOurCPF Minimum Sum on 7 June to Medishield Life on 12 July to HBD on 23 August

I’ve never said to abolish the CPF system.
I said that the interest earned should be returned to the people.

Which country has government keeping an estimated 3% of the annualised returns derived from the investment of our CPF funds to itself, at the expense of the citizens?
If they had kept just 1% – it could have been a possible solution to the fiscal problems of many countries, like those in Europe today.
Perhaps the government should be so greedy to keep 3% but 1% is enough?

I’ve never said we don’t have to pay for healthcare.
I said that we should have a system where people do not have to worry about medical bills.

Which country has government that forces the citizens to set aside their pension fund for medical expenses?
If other countries emulate our “pre-pay” health financing model by not making their national health insurance schemes into a “huge surplus of premiums over claims” scheme like our MediShield and spend more by reducing the fixation of collecting more in Medisave contributions annually than total outflows from Medisave – their healthcare problems may gradually melt away.
Perhaps the government should not be keeping so much surpluses but help the people more?

I’ve never said that public housing should be free.
I said that we should've measures to prevent a property bubble like before.

Which country has government that earns profit from the sales of public housing?
If only the profits of the HDB were kept to 5% to 10%, instead of charging an estimated 60% of the price of new HDB flats to land cost.
Perhaps the government should reduce the profits to say just 5% instead of 60%?


Unknown said…
Very brave girl...
Continue to state your views n stay strong in your pursue of rights versus wrongs.

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