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Singapore’s white horses in NS 新加坡的“白马王子”

In 2011, I gave my admin rights to statutory board directors.
In 2013, I gave my admin rights to civil and public servants.
In 2015, I gave my admin rights to white horses too.

Upon hearing the news of people being deported, I was afraid.
I was thinking, what am I supposed to do should that happen?
So I went to contact people who can help get the story out.

During our discussions, we realised that there has never been a story on white horses before.
So what are white horses?

Recently, a bunch of new citizens within ten years older than me contacted me.
They were telling me that I shouldn’t bother about Singaporeans and they deserved to be ruled by the PAP.
They told me that new citizens lead lives “above average” as the ICA screens background before granting citizenship and there’s no need to fight for people who can’t be bothered to fight for themselves.

I kept silent.

It was until when they started telling me their assumptions.
The males told me about life in NS while the females told me about either returning back to original country to retire or migrate and make use of Singapore as a stepping stone.

When talking to the males, I can’t help but think:
Are you a white horse?
Do you think that being “above average” doesn’t mean you will be leading a good life?
Don’t you see that income disparity is widening and the middle income group is also splitting into upper-middle and lower-middle?

When talking to the females, I can’t help but think:
Have you bought a HDB?
Did you read the conditions and calculate the loan?
What about the procedure to sell the flat and go to another country to retire?

When you know of a white horse, check out their background.
Tell me how “above average” you are?

If you think typical PAP candidate saying "Well, everybody has a car, we have two" is arrogant.
I know of people who have at least 5 different Ferraris in Singapore.
I know of people who have at least 5 different private properties in Singapore.
I also know handicapped people who can’t afford to pay their medical bills.
I also know homeless people who eat leftovers.

I’m not asking to abolish any system.
I’m asking for humility and humanity.

Can’t we have a government who can at least take care of the people’s housing so that they can have a roof over their head?
Can’t we have a government who can at least take care of the people’s healthcare so that they do not have to go down the path of euthanasia?
Can’t we have a government who can at least take care of the people’s retirement so that they will be able to enjoy their golden years after working and contributing to our country?


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