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If you’re not gonna stand for election, don’t stop others.

If you’re not gonna stand for election, don’t stop others.

As you can see, above is the electoral boundaries for the previous election while below is the electoral boundaries for the coming election after all the gerrymandering.
Do you know gerrymandering is against human rights?
Through gerrymandering, the incumbent have by redistricting shaped districts to serve their own electoral success and the interests of their party.

In Singapore’s impending election, there will be 13 SMCs (13 seats) 6 four-members GRCs (24 seats) 8 five-members GRCs (40 seats) and 2 six-members GRCs (12 seats) making it a total of 89 seats and the highest ever in 50 years of Singapore’s history.

To have a two-third majority in order to make amendments to the Constitution, the opposition needs to win at least 60 seats.
To stop 50 years of one-party rule or have a coalition government, the opposition needs to win at least 45 seats.

Now take a deep breath, tell me if you can think of 89 people who dare step forward and criticise the malicious policies that PAP came up with?
If there isn’t 89 people, then be prepared for walkovers.

Can you then give me 60 names or a mere 45 names?

Yet guess what?

I’ve been reading online comments saying this politician or that politician shouldn’t stand for election or so and so is too controversial.
Is Lee Hsien Loong controversial? Is his father controversial?
Is Margaret Thatcher, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Putin etc controversial?

Just ask yourself, are you voting opposition for the sake of voting opposition?
What have they done thus far other than collecting salary?

They complained that they don’t have a seat to voice out, but did they voice out after they’ve gotten their seats in parliament?

If people are gonna vote for models who smile and look nice in front of cameras, or people who claim to wanna speak up but only appear during election, or those who appear from magic hats that no one has ever seen before…

It’s no surprise why the PAP can rule for 50 years.

You voted for people who don’t speak up for you.
You voted for people who don’t do anything for you.
You voted for people who are “safe”, not controversial, don’t argue and debate.
Well, you’ve got what you wanted.

Well, you criticised so and so not to stand for election right?

Do Singaporeans know what are human rights, workers’ rights, gerrymandering etc?


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