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Monday, 6 July 2015

Past midnight interrogation by staff sergeant and station inspector

Q: Why are you tired?
A: I haven’t been sleeping.

Q: When did you last sleep?
A: I haven’t sleep for more than a week.

Q: Why didn’t you sleep?
A: I was travelling and I have to prepare court documents.

Q: Where did you go?
A: I attended a protest in Hong Kong in June and came back to Singapore for court in July.

Q: Who paid for the protest in Hong Kong?
A: Are you going to arrest me or what are you investigating?

Q: What court case are you referring to?
A: There are three court cases, defamation from 1- 3 July, illegal demonstration on 1 July and public nuisance on 3 July.

Q: Why are you involved in case that is not yours?
A: I’m helping out.

Q: Why do you help out?
A: We don’t have any lawyers but they have more than 10 and probably 20 people legally trained.

Q: Are you in close connection with foreign organisations?
A: I’m a Singaporean and I stay in Singapore, not in foreign countries.

Q: Are you involved in the planning process?
A: I can’t stop people when they want to practice their rights.