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Posted by Han Hui Hui 韩慧慧 on Thursday, July 24, 2014

The past one year was an interesting learning journey.

During the first three months from July to Sep, I learnt how important it is to be humble. I saw how people have big egos and jealousy got in the way of doing things for the greater good.

During Oct, I realized the need for responsible people. Previously, people were claiming credits for success. Later on, the same group of people step forward to condemn and disassociate themselves saying they've never gotten involved. What irony is that compared to what they've previously claimed credit for?

During late last year, I witnessed and experienced for myself that change is the only constant. People saying they will fight and stay together, but when they come out of the police station? They walked away, before I could ask if they're alright? They've already blocked me on facebook and everywhere else. People who scored badly and went into the worst school, after going behind the doors? They've got scholarship to study law and they start to say they were my friends but blah blah blah... There were even media who claimed they've spoken to me then called me a liar. But no, they did not speak to me even until today. They quote what's in the forum and published it without checking at all.

This year was better as I've decided to stay away from people with no responsibility and credibility. I went overseas instead. Putting the immigration process aside, things were pretty educational.

I saw politicians standing side by side with activists going through thick and thin. They are responsible and carry blames rather than practicing taichi. To say they don't fight among themselves is a lie. They've got conflicts but they know how to unite for the bigger purpose. They can see big pictures instead of petty gossips behind one's back.

I saw how people will combine resources in order to make sure the success of events and how NGOs will work together and how tag team works in real life. In order to learn how the tyrants suppress and intimidate the people as well as overcome them, people publish handouts, flyers etc. There were people deployed at various parts of the country ready for activation should any problem arises be it medical, legal or whatever.

Of course, I witnessed the first the only deportation in my life as well. That day was shocking and to hold a press con within half an hour as well as answering the media, that's for you to imagine how it's like to be.

Today, this is me spending my birthday with my family and the winner of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize as well as his wife :)


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