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Friday, 28 August 2015

Multi-corner fight

There are concerned Singaporeans around Singapore saying we shouldn't have multi-corner fight for that will allow the PAP to win.
Do you know what happened at Punggol East?

It was a 4-corner fight but a landslide victory. Of course, two political parties lost their election deposit. Nonetheless, the aim of putting a capable female candidate into parliament was reached.

Imagine what will happen if she did not stand for election in a multi-corner fight? Will the other two political parties win? Will the PAP MP be voted out of parliament?

Voters are getting smarter, they will know not to vote for political parties that lose deposits. If we want to progress as a democratic society, we have to support and vote for people who have been on the ground with the people. We have to unite with people who walk the talk. We have to be with them at this very crucial moment - turning point.

Will voters want someone who didn't do walkabouts but appear at the last minute?
Will voters want a political party that has only "last minute" candidate?
Will voters vote for people who got kicked out by numerous political parties?

The avoidance of multi-corner fights allow opposition parties that have lost their deposit to hog onto constituencies. This is as good as a walkover for the PAP and stifles the development of democracy in Singapore.

Why should voters be "forced" to vote for the "only opposition candidate" because they do not have a choice and are being denied their right to vote for a better MP?

This is why I stand as an independent candidate at Radin Mas SMC. I need your support and I need the votes of Radin Mas residents so that the alternative policies that we have been coming up with in the past few years can be implemented to better the lives of Singaporeans.

Please call 87268695 to volunteer with us. We are also looking for Singaporean residents of Radin Mas SMC to step forward as proposer, seconder and assentors.

You may continue to contribute to our election campaign via POSB Savings 279-12328-0.
Please share this message with fellow Singaporeans and let us know if you would like to be our polling agent or counting agent as well.

Thank you for your support.

Independent candidate at Radin Mas SMC,
Han Hui Hui