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Ten days more.

Reminiscing the times I had in college when I could pen down my thoughts in poems and verses.
Asking difficult questions and changing the syllabus was something I never thought I could but managed to do.
Seeing the later generation embracing the changes make me feel good though I didn’t benefit but what if my children walked down the same path as I did?

Gathering evidence about the education system and degree mills during 2010 was an onerous journey.
The fear of the bigger power that has more influences, money and resources yet jeopardizing the future for a greater good.
Being rejected when the media refuse to publish one’s story then going for mediation in 2011 alone after failed negotiation was awful.

The contacts that started to build up in 2012 were useful.
This journey of a pilgrim for a better future is wearisome especially when one became the first citizen to be sued for defamation in 2013 as well as the first citizen to be charged for public nuisance and illegal assembly in the only venue available for gathering in 2014.

Many things are flawed.
From education to taxes to budget to conservancy charges to pension to housing to healthcare to employment to retirement and the list goes on…
No one made a sound but finally someone spoke up on these issues.

They said no one will be able to unite the people.
They said no one will be there to stand and protest against the tyrants.
They said no one will be marching with you so there’s no need to do anything at all.

We were united, we stood under the hot sun and protested against the tyrants over their malicious policies.
We marched as one united people and we did what they said we won’t be able to.

They were wrong.
They are wrong.

If you’re gonna put blames that you and other people did all on me, sure, go ahead.
You’re only telling the world how capable and influential I am to be able to do so many things.
It’s shows you’re incapable, inefficacious, ineffectual, weak and a failure.

You’re scandalising yourself.


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