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Who will be the voice of the post-90s Singaporeans in this coming election?

In the previous election, the post-90s were unable to vote.
Probably not, those born in 1990 who were 21 could vote.
Nonetheless, I couldn’t as I was underage.

Voting age in Singapore is 21 years old.
Be that as it may male Singaporeans are conscripted at as young as 18 years old.
Handling AK47, a revolver and a nine?

Look at the youth in other countries:
- Taiwan on 31 July 2015
- Malaysia on 1 August 2015
- Hong Kong on 2 August 2015

But Singapore?

In one of my upcoming talks, I’m supposed to share about the areas in which human rights were infringed so I was discussing with a group of white horses and I wanted to put National Service as one of the issues.
Due to NS disrupting the education journey of Singaporean males and discriminated against them during employment as they will have to attend reservist thereafter.

Guess what?

I thought Singaporean citizens regardless of gender who served the country should be protected against discrimination especially during employment due to reservists.
In the end, the idea was withdrawn with the main controversy being even males themselves find that it’s ok so there isn’t much anything to justify against.

During 27 Oct, I was unable to speak at HLP but I was able to go there as Mr Leong Sze Hian managed to submit his...

Posted by Han Hui Hui 韩慧慧 on Thursday, 27 November 2014

UK election this year during which a female born in 1994 unseat their transport minister was an eye-opener.

Singapore’s parliament is filled with lawyers, doctors, people from the military and hold lots of directorships.

Just imagine if we have the voice of the post-90s is in parliament.

Someone who will voice out about the education system to have independent student unions like those overseas to prevent brainwashing and propaganda.
Someone who will talk about employment to protect the rights of the workers by fighting for independent labour unions and fair wages.
Someone who will not let the government profit from the sale of HDB flats by making 60% of the price on land when it’s free to the incumbent.
Someone who will make sure that Singaporeans healthcare will be taken care of and we will not have bed crunches.
Someone who will help prevent collecting cardboards become a norm for exercise for the future generation to fight for our CPF and our retirement.

Someone who will protect our rights.
Someone who will speak up.
Someone who will fight.



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