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Monday, 7 September 2015

Final rally on 8 Sep at Delta Hockey Pitch

Dear residents of Radin Mas,

We wanted to have three rallies on 3, 6 and 9 Sep.

With the focus as follow:
3 Sep – public housing, public healthcare, our retirement and our future.
6 Sep – public transport, public education, our employment and our security.
9 Sep – the future of Radin Mas residents and the town council issues.

After going through two rounds of balloting, my team and I have managed to have two rallies on 3 and 8 Sep.
The rally on 3 Sep was delayed for about half an hour due to the rain, we were also told to end half an hour earlier as it will be a breach of regulations should we be there after 10pm.

On 8 Sep, it will be the last rally before the cooling off day on 10 Sep followed by the polling day on 11 Sep.
We encourage you to join us on 8 Sep to have a final gathering before the end of the election campaign 2015.

We will also be having a gathering for dinner or supper after the rally just like what happened on 3 Sep.
Regardless of the outcome, I’m thankful to have you tell me the issues and problems that you are facing.

You are not alone, many other residents face the same problems as well.
This is why you should vote for me to be your voice and raise them in parliament for you.

Your candidate for Radin Mas SMC,
Han Hui Hui