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I respect the voters’ decision.

Public housing

The government inflates the prices of HDB flats by charging about 60% of the price of new HDB flats to land cost.
I thought public housing should not be earning high profits from the sale of houses and we should not be inflating prices of HDB.

Public healthcare

We are being forced to set aside up to 10.5% of our pension fund for medical expenses.
I thought this is akin to an indirect tax, thus we should have a working medical coverage for all fellow Singaporeans and we should have a healthcare system whereby people do not have to worry about medical bills.

Our retirement

The government keeps as high as 3% of the annualised returns derived from the investment of our CPF funds to themselves.
I thought the gains from investing our CPF should be shared with Singaporeans and the returns earned should be returned to the people.

Public transport

MRT Corporation is making profits even in their worst year, the CEO himself earned over S$2.25 million in 2014, which doubled despite the company's ongoing struggle and lack of improvement in quality of train services.
I thought public transport is for the public, for Singaporeans that we should have a transport system that focus on transporting people smoothly and safely, instead of focusing on profit while transport breakdowns are frequent.

Public education

Parents are paying billions of dollars on tuition alone because of the PAP education system but the PAP spend $210M for tuition grants and another $200M for scholarships on foreign students a year.
I thought this $410 Million of taxpayers’ money spent on foreign students a year to be reduced and spend on Singaporeans.

Our employment

Singapore residents are 6.7% unemployed, under-employed or long-term unemployed, translating this to about 150,000 Singaporeans, of which more than 100,000 are graduates.
I thought we should have laws and policies that require employers to hire Singaporeans.

Only 2,629 Radin Mas residents believed in me but more than 77% of them actually prefer the status quo.
My team and I will continue to work hard to win your support, thank you 2,629 Radin Mas residents for believing in me.


Unknown said…
good try. you'll need composure to gain the votes of the older citizens. and you'll need factual research and evidence for the younger critical thinkers.. keep at it, the country needs an opposition even if they cannot see it now.
i believe you can make it one day you are the one.

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