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No foreigner, no political party and no politician is funding my election campaign

Dear residents of Radin Mas,

I am thankful for the concerns fellow Singaporeans have towards me. I have been working and had my CPF account created since 16 years old.

The election deposit of $14,500 is out of my own savings and the same goes for all the expenses thus far.

As a law abiding Singapore citizen who follows the law, no foreigner, no political party and no politician is funding my election campaign.

Your contribution and effort to volunteer is important in this election campaign at Radin Mas SMC.

The expenses my team and I have incurred thus far are as follow:

26 Aug 2015
$16.15 - transportation to ELD
$9.40 - transportation from ELD
$187.90 - recorder and thumb drive

28 Aug 2015
$5.00 - transportation for walkabout

29 Aug 2015
$3000.00 - deposit for rally’s stage and sound system

30 Aug 2015
$150.00 - 5000 copies of A5 flyers

31 Aug 2015
$101.65 - softcopy of eligible voters
$11.70 - black and white Radin Mas Map
$15.00 - 5 copies of Radin Mas Map

1 Sep 2015
$2700.00 - 5 banners and 500 posters

2 Sep 2015
$13.50 - glue for posters
$90.00 - 5 posters for rally
$1550.20 - stadium

3 Sep 2015
$1200.00 - manpower for rally’s stage and sound system
$150.00 - 5000 copies of A5 flyers
$4.00 - strings
$1605.00 - barricades
$1412.40 - cardboards for posters
$7000.00 - rally’s stage and sound system

4 Sep 2015
$7.60 - strings for banners
$35.00 - glue for posters

Please continue to support and contribute a dollar to our election campaign via POSB Savings 279-12328-0.

You may share this message with fellow Singaporeans and encourage your friends or relatives at Radin Mas SMC to vote for me.

Radin Mas independent candidate,
Han Hui Hui


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