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#ReturnOurCPF #还我们公积金 | YMCA personnel Abraham Ho Bang He

The second tranche of our court case is open to public from 24 to 26 Feb 2016 from 9am to 6pm.

The 4 Deputy Public Prosecutors involved are:
1. Senior Director/Senior State Counsel/DPP Francis NG Yong Kiat
2. Deputy Senior State Counsel/DPP John LU Zhuoren
3. State Counsel/DPP Amanda CHONG Wei-Zhen
4. State Counsel/DPP Jane LIM Ern Hui

The following was what happened in court and all grammar mistakes and sounds made are as it is:

4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: For the record, you mentioned that during your recce, you mentioned you saw some speakers?
Abraham Ho Bang He: As an emcee, I’ve done emceeing for about quite a number of years already erm and I know about the development on stage your honor so if let’s say this is my stage area erm sorry this is my stage area usually the speaker will be pointing outwards towards the crowd so why would we want to put erm speakers at these corners erm behind the tents and the top left and the top right tents erm facing the stage area because erm if you do that it will actually erm it causes erm interference with the speaker that were already in front of the stage.

4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: How long you erm how long did your recce lasted?
Abraham Ho Bang He: It wouldn’t be more than an hour it could be only half an hour to walk around the perimeter of the Hong Lim Park.

4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: In your view, do you think that these people belong to YMCA?
Abraham Ho Bang He: It was obvious that they do not belong to YMCA because erm coming from YMCA itself, we were all told to wear YMCA shirts

4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: And what time was the event supposed to kick off or begin?
Abraham Ho Bang He: The official start of the event will begin at 4:30 so first at 4:30 we will inform the crowd to be getting ready before the guest of honor arrive.

4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: Mr Ho, as the emcee, did you remain on stage the entire time?
Abraham Ho Bang He: Behind the stage area there is a eh erm a side room so I’m not on stage I’m in the room.

4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: So when you were erm on stage, you could see what was happening in the park?
Abraham Ho Bang He: Yes.

4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: Mr Ho, you used the words something is brewing, what was this something you are talking about?
Abraham Ho Bang He: Erm… it was erm… it was er… atmosphere of anger.

Han Hui Hui: Are you sure you can hear clearly when you were on the stage?
Abraham Ho Bang He: I can hear what’s clearly on the stage.

Janet: Do you agree that it’s noisy?
Abraham Ho Bang He: Yes, it was very noisy.

Janet: Do you agree it’s not violent?
Abraham Ho Bang He: Yes, it was not violent.

Janet: Do you agree it’s crowded?
Abraham Ho Bang He: Yes, I agree it is crowded.

Janet: Can you recognize this person?
Abraham Ho Bang He: It is too small, I can’t see.
4 Deputy Public Prosecutors: *objection*


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