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#ReturnOurCPF #还我们公积金 | YMCA personnel Samantha Seah May Ann

The second tranche of our court case is open to public from 24 to 26 Feb 2016 from 9am to 6pm.

The 4 Deputy Public Prosecutors involved are:
1. Senior Director/Senior State Counsel/DPP Francis NG Yong Kiat
2. Deputy Senior State Counsel/DPP John LU Zhuoren
3. State Counsel/DPP Amanda CHONG Wei-Zhen
4. State Counsel/DPP Jane LIM Ern Hui

The following was what happened in court and all grammar mistakes and sounds made are as it is:

Han Hui Hui: How long have you been working with YMCA?
Samantha Seah May Ann: I have been working with YMCA for three and a half years.

Han Hui Hui: What was your occupation before this?
Samantha Seah May Ann: Singapore general hospital, pharmacist.

Han Hui Hui: Did you see anyone in this court beating the drum?
Samantha Seah May Ann: I would say no as my focus was on the GOH at all times.

Han Hui Hui: Why didn’t you tell the police you were worried?
Samantha Seah May Ann: I believe my team would have highlighted to the police that they were concerned.

Han Hui Hui: How many police did you see?
Samantha Seah May Ann: I would say there’s a few, I’m not there I’ve not been counting the number of police.

Han Hui Hui: Was it more than five?
Samantha Seah May Ann: I believe there was more than five.

Han Hui Hui: Do you think it is very selfish of you not to send the child to the doctor?
Judge: *rejected*

Han Hui Hui: Did any of the elderly steps forward and tell you to stop the protest?
Judge: *rejected*

Han Hui Hui: Your honor, I’m not asking whether the protest was stopped or not but whether anyone attempts to tell her to stop or did tell her to stop?
Judge: *rejected*

Han Hui Hui: Can I conclude that I’m not allowed to ask if anyone tried to stop the protest or if anyone tried and tell someone else to stop the protest?
Judge: Yes.

Han Hui Hui: Do you agree that it was a non-violent protest and the safety was not affected?
Samantha Seah May Ann: I would say that it was non-violent.

Translator: You mentioned the sheltered area as shown in the map is the restricted zone, why was there no barricade on that day on the 27th of September?
Samantha Seah May Ann: There is no barricade.

Translator: Why don’t you place barricade?
Samantha Seah May Ann: This is a public area.

Janet: You have been working with YMCA for three and a half years, how many events have you organised?
Samantha Seah May Ann: In one year, 570 events.

Janet: Are the months different every year?
Samantha Seah May Ann: We would try but this is actually at Nparks discretion, we will try to have it around July.

Janet: When you organised outdoor event, do you plan for contingency?
Samantha Seah May Ann: Yes.

Janet: Do you buy insurance for holding event?
Samantha Seah May Ann: Yes.

Janet: Was there any risk assessment done?
Samantha Seah May Ann: Yes.

Janet: What is your risk assessment procedure?
Samantha Seah May Ann: It’s all documented, we will have risk assessment in order of weather condition, haze, rain and what happens if there is safety issues then there is evacuation exercise that will happen erm exit path ways, exit groups possible should anything happens.

Janet: Who will decide whether to call off the event if there was potential risk to your client?
Samantha Seah May Ann: It will be a group decision.

Janet: So under what sort of circumstances will YMCA call off the event?
Samantha Seah May Ann: If there is issue, we will deploy to another location, we will be monitoring at all times.

Janet: So will YMCA call off the event if there were to be potential risk of chaos?
Samantha Seah May Ann: It has been documented that the whole event carried on and it has been stated, it’s a past historical data, it was well managed.

Janet: When did you book Hong Lim Park?
Samantha Seah May Ann: I booked it and it was confirmed by Nparks on April 11.


Forest Person said…
She looks like a PA JIAO woman, damaged from govt's mandatory vaccinations.
Unknown said…
So. this is the person who took all those innocent special kids and old folks there knowing perfectly that Hong Lim Park is a park specially reserved for protests and that there was going to be a protest held here! I just wonder if she has since repented her action before her God and if she continues to be remorseful!

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