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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Singapore has a 107% increase in suicide of teens aged 10 to 19 in 2015.

Every month last year, more than two young people aged 10 to 19 killed themselves.
There is also a 31% increase in suicide of young adults in my age group of 20 to 29.
And another 12% increase in the number of females who committed suicide.

According to Ms Petrine Lim, principal social worker at Fei Yue Community Services.
"Parents who are increasingly busy nowadays might not spend enough time with their children to be able to pick up their changes in mood," said Ms Lim.
"This results in those who are feeling really depressed going online to try to find out how to deal with depression, where there are a whole spectrum of answers and people who might try to give them an outlet for their pain."

Early this year, thanks to social media, we found out that boys as young as 14 years old committed suicide after police interrogation.
That happened this year but what about last year?

Assuming that they didn’t die because of police interrogation, then what caused our fellow Singaporeans who are so young to resort to suicide?

Did they choose suicide because they could see no hope in the future?
One in four workers polled by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) for an annual survey in 2013 said they were highly stressed, up from one in five in 2012.
Where’s the statistics for 2014 and 2015?
Statistics going missing or have to go through manipulation because even more Singaporeans are feeling stress?
Do you know that being constantly stressed can lead to lower immunity, depression, poor sleep and high blood pressure?

According to Yahoo, “Singapore the ‘least positive’ country in the world”.
According to Singapore business review, “Singaporeans are still feeling unhappy: And they're blaming it on money matters.”
According to straits times, “Singapore among cities in the world with least hours of sleep”.

When you have a government that comes up with policies that created a population that focus on paper qualification, why wouldn’t the younger generation be forced to mug for exam?
When you have a government that comes up with a 6.9 million population white paper and allowed prices to be driven up, why wouldn’t the younger generation be forced to earn more money just so they could pay for public housing that could go up to millions for resale?
When you have a government that comes up with ploy such as the CPF to indirectly cause the cost of living to be driven up and people to be unable to retire, why would the younger generation be able to rest and sleep soundly?

When we have a population that’s mugging for a piece of degree, when we have a population that has to compete with others for housing, transport, healthcare, when we have a population that knows that they can’t retire in their own age…

Why wouldn’t the youth commit suicide?

Is such a system sustainable in the long run?