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Medishield Life premium increased by 195%

Yesterday, when I was on the way to paragon in the afternoon, I took a set of mypaper that was being distributed at City Hall.

The headline said “MediShield Life helps more people”.
If you remember what happened on 12 July 2014…
If you don’t, it’s available here:

MediShield Life is a compulsory health insurance scheme that will provide lifelong protection for all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

The news article said:
“Nearly 400,000 claims were made between last November and September this year. A total of $614.3 million was paid out.”
“Over the same period in the previous year, $307.5 million was disbursed for 291,500 claims.”

It seems that the government is now paying twice as what it was before?
However, a Singaporean aged 21-30 like myself, used to pay $66 for Medishield premiums.
After the introduction of Medishield Life, the premium increased by 195%, that’s almost 3 times to $195.

Previously, the government, was collecting more on premiums than claims.
Now it would appear that they will be collecting 3 times more amount of money (when the transitional premium subsidies run out) but with claims only twice as much…
Does this mean that Singapore continues to have the only government in this world that doesn’t spend a single cent on the citizens’ healthcare from a cash flow perspective?


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