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Why am I the only Singaporean who is not allowed to speak at Hong Lim Park on 10th December 2016?

This Saturday, December 10th, will be Human Rights Day 2016.
As some of you have seen on the news, I’m invited as one of the ten speakers to speak about "the sorry state of human rights in Singapore".

Last month, I tried to use the nparks website as new regulations after the #ReturnOurCPF event on 27th Sep 2014 now requires us to register and inform about the usage of Speakers’ Corner.
However, whenever any information about me is being keyed into the system, an error will pop out.
Should the name, the identity number, the telephone number or any other detail is mine, the website will automatically block any form of usage.
In fact, I've been trying it every month since 27th Sep 2014.

Knowing that nparks website has now automatically denied my usage, I decided to send an email that was copied to various human rights organizations.
Expectedly, there was no respond.

Today, I decided to call them to find out what had happened.
Apparently, they have a folder or a file where all my applications or submissions were rejected.

Many people think that I'm being disqualified from standing for election because I marched at Hong Lim Park.
But I was never charged for marching at Hong Lim Park.

I am disqualified from standing for parliamentary election because I was fined SGD$3,100 for posting about the #ReturnOurCPF event on Facebook.
I was not charged for what I did at Hong Lim Park or the confrontation, and neither was I ever sued.
I was charged because of what my fellow Singaporeans did at Hong Lim Park.

Singapore’s District Judge Mr CHAY YUEN FATT’s judgement against me is as follows:
1. SGD$2,500 fine because “She rallied her Facebook readers”.
2. SGD$600 fine because I “made vitriolic speeches to denounce the government and various government policies”.

Is this why our CPF pension fund is being used to help the government make money and the returns are not being given back to us?
Is this why our public healthcare system is the only one in the world where the government is collecting more from the premiums than what is being spent?
Is this why our public housing system is earning money from the citizens by including the market cost of land into the sale of flat?

After 7th Jun 2014 event on our pension fund,
the CPF Minimum Sum at SGD$148,000 was renamed to CPF Retirement Sum, and increased to the current SGD$161,000.

After 12th Jul 2014 event on our public healthcare,
the CPF Medisave Contribution Ceiling at SGD$43,500 was renamed to CPF Basic Healthcare Sum, and increased to the current $49,800.

After 23rd Aug 2014 event on our public housing,
additional rules apply to the use of CPF savings for flats with remaining lease of less than 60 years, no CPF can be used if the remaining lease of a flat is less than 30 years and a flat owner is eligible to use his CPF savings for the flat only if his age plus the remaining lease of the flat is at least 80 years.

After 27th Sep 2014 event on our jobs employment, we now have a 3.2% increase in bus fare, $30 increase in carpark fees, 10% increase in electricity tariffs, increase in lifts and trains breakdown.
The government has no transparency as to how Temasek lost $24 billion in a year, DBS has lapses in relation to the 1MDB-related fund and how police interrogation led to death of our youth.
There is no accountability when it comes to deaths caused by Hepatitis C, outbreak of tuberculosis cases, outbreak of Zika cases, SGD$470,000 spent on a bin centre or even SGD$368 million spent on 26 defective MRT trains.

Why can’t we denounce the government for such policies?
Is there a need for the PAP government to stop me from speaking or organizing any event at Hong Lim Park?
Why am I the only Singaporean who is not allowed to speak at Hong Lim Park on 10th December 2016?
It has been more than 2 years since I was banned, do they plan to ban me for the rest of my life just like how they've locked up our CPF using the retirement sum?
Just like how they make Singaporeans and CPF members pay for Medishield life for the rest of our lives?


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