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This year, Philippines is chairing ASEAN's 50th anniversary.

Singapore’s first prime minister said
“Only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics.”

Only in the Singapore could a leader of a country for many years, may still be considered for a national burial. Politicians from his political party are given million dollar ministerial salaries.

One leader's daughter was the director of Singapore’s National Neuroscience Institute.
His second son is the current Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), previously a Brigadier-General in the Singapore Armed Forces, the Chief Executive Officer of SingTel, and a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of Fraser and Neave.

His first son is the incumbent prime minister of Singapore.
His first son created the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) to manage Singaporeans Central Provident Fund (CPF).
CPF is the people’s money, 37% of our salary, meant for retirement at the age of 55.

Singapore’s prime minister renamed a public entity (GIC) into a private entity name known as GIC Private Limited.
There was no need for them to make their report public, we have since then lost our rights to information, transparency and accountability towards the management of the people’s money.
Singapore’s prime minister's second wife is the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings.

Money from Singaporeans’ CPF funds are invested in Special Singapore Government Securities (SSGS).
SSGS is managed by Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC).
Singapore’s prime minister is the chairman of GIC.

GIC Private Limited is a professional fund management organization of Singapore’s Ministry of Finance (MOF).
MOF is the shareholder of Temasek Holdings Private Limited (Temasek).
Singapore prime minister’s second wife is the CEO of Temasek.

Temasek owns various corporations such as SingTel and Fraser and Neave, which were run by the brother of Singapore’s prime minister.

Only in Singapore, the government earns money from the sale of public housing by having about 60% of the price of HDB being set as land cost.
Only in Singapore, the government doesn’t spend a single cent on public healthcare as the money they’ve collected from our medisave, medishield and eldershield is more than what the Government spent and paid out on healthcare.
Only in Singapore, the government uses our retirement money to invest and yet not all the returns made from our pension fund are being given back to the people as interest for our CPF.

According to Singapore’s first prime minister:
“If you can select a population and they're educated and they're properly brought up, then you don't have to use too much of the stick because they would already have been trained. It's like with dogs. You train it in a proper way from small.”


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