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“a pliant court system” is “a common topic amongst Singaporeans who are well informed”

On January 2017, I posted a 6 minutes and 4 seconds video on youtube:

I was made to remove 14 seconds of the YouTube video above, edit three of my Facebook postings and post a total of 18 links on my social media accounts, or face 18 years’ jail and SGD$600,000 fine.

Unlike the wife of Singapore’s second prime minister, who said SGD$600,000 is peanuts, SGD$600,000 is not peanuts to me.
How many Singaporeans have SGD$600,000 in their CPF accounts and how many Singaporeans have SGD$600,000 cash?

On February 2017, I went to Singapore’s high court because of the #ReturnOurCPF #还我们公积金 event only to experience what the nephew of Singapore’s prime minster said, “a pliant court system”.

Just like what the sister of Singapore’s prime minister said, Singapore having “a pliant court system” is “a common topic amongst Singaporeans who are well informed” and international human rights organisations spoke up for us:

On March 2017, Singapore’s Minister for Home Affairs & Minister for Law, did character assassination against me.
A man born in the 1950s doing scrutinising the social media account of someone born after 1990, and he claimed that “The government has serious business to attend”?

How is stalking young Singaporeans classified as “serious business”?
“The rot is at the top”

Given the ownself check ownself system, they will never dare show the CCTV.

On April 2017, my family and my volunteers were harassed.
I was being coerced into not using social media and not responding to international media.

On May 2017, I was invited to Bangkok, Thailand to assist a research on freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.
I was also invited to Taipei, Taiwan to attend an East Asia event on human rights.

People were curious about the #ReturnOurCPF #还我们公积金 event that attracted more than 6,000 Singaporeans, I simply show them the court transcript:

Police Chionh Chun Meng Eric

Nparks director Chia Seng Jiang

Nparks manager Sim Bee Lan

Ariffin Iskandar Sha Bin Ali Akbar

Videographer Lim Tuan Ngee

YMCA Victor Poh 偉特傅

YMCA Samantha Seah May Ann

YMCA Abraham Ho Bang He

YMCA Tia Quah Siew Jian

On June 2017, I was invited to attend a human rights event in Malaysia.
However, the Malaysia immigration detained me at KLIA and said that the Singapore government has demanded for me to be deported back to Singapore.

On July 2017, I have my fellow Singaporeans with me.

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