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It has been four months since my birthday in 2017

I’m very thankful to my volunteers for their continuous work of helping fellow Singaporeans, especially in helping needy households to fill up application forms for ComCare.

During the parliamentary session in Oct 2017, it was stated that
“About 39,200 needy households received financial aid from the Community Care (ComCare) Endowment Fund in the last financial year ending in March, a dip of about 300 from the year before.”

However, the fact is Singapore has
“Overall retrenchments moderated to 7,640 in the first half of this year from 9,660 in the preceding six months”.

In addition,
“the prolonged downturn in the marine and offshore engineering cluster, employment in the transport equipment industry declined by 8,000 workers in the first six months of 2017”,
“net employment in the construction sector contracted by 23,100”,
“employment in the transport equipment and construction sectors have each declined by around 30,000 workers” etc…

ComCare’s requirements to help our fellow Singaporeans is just like our CPF money, never transparent to show us the list that one must fulfil.

During the past four months, I was also invited to four different countries for four different human rights events.

I was invited to Johannesburg in South Africa where I spoke about "Campaigning in conflict countries".
“Conflict countries” are countries that are ruled by oppressive governments that rule by law.
Singapore was being put together with Somalia and Sudan.

I shared that in 2013, a statutory board under Singapore’s ministry of education threatened to sue me for defamation when I was raising questions with regards to Singapore’s education system.
After which, the Singapore government amended the Sedition Act (CHAPTER 290) on 31 August 2013 and Defamation Act (CHAPTER 75) on 28 February 2014.

I was invited to Yogyakarta in Indonesia where I spoke about "Digital rights in Singapore".
“Digital rights” means having access to information via digital medium without authoritarian government control.
Singapore was being put at the bottom for not having a free press and transparency.

I shared that in 2014, my supporters and I were harassed by Singapore’s police with very late-night visits to our homes and long interviews without any meal in the police station.
I underwent a total of 8 hours at the police station from 2pm till 8pm for interrogation by the police, was denied of legal assistance and had my paper notebook that was used to take down notes being seized from me.
After which, the Singapore government implemented the Protection from Harassment Act (CHAPTER 256A) on 31 May 2015.

I was invited to Yangon in Myanmar where I spoke about "Singapore's human rights situation".
“Human rights” includes our fundamental rights to public housing, public healthcare, retirement etc.
Singapore was the leader in setting laws and regulations that violate our fundamental human rights.

I shared that in 2015, I was charged for public nuisance and illegal assembly when organising an event with regards to Singapore’s pension fund.
The Singapore government used the top 4 deputy public prosecutors to charge my supporters and I in court without any legal representation.
After which, the Singapore government amended the Public Order Act (CHAPTER 257A) on 8 May 2016 and implemented the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill on 11 July 2016.

I was invited to Taipei in Taiwan where I spoke about "Democracy recession in Singapore".
“Democracy recession” is the state of democracy where the government is becoming more restrictive instead of democratic.
Singapore was placed behind Taiwan as we do not have independent unions and we do not have independent government bodies.

I shared that in 2016, I was disqualified from Singapore’s general election as Singapore’s judge Chay Yuen Fatt fined me a total of SGD$3,100 over the #ReturnOurCPF event held on 27 Sep 2014.
According to judge Chay Yuen Fatt, I am the organiser of the #ReturnOurCPF movement as I “rallied her Facebook readers to come to the CPF event”.
In addition, judge Chay Yuen Fatt said I “made vitriolic speeches to denounce the government and various government policies”.
After which, the Singapore government added a new section 6A “Advance notice of events having prescribed crowd size” to the Public Order Act (CHAPTER 257A) on 3 April 2017.

In all four events, I shared about how Singapore is the only country in this world that from a cash flow perspective earns profit from our public housing, public healthcare and retirement system.
The current Singapore government earns profit from public housing by including a 60% land cost in the sale of public housing.
They earn profit from our public healthcare by having a compulsory insurance scheme where the money collected from our premium is more than the expenditure.
Our retirement system is the only one in the world where the government keeps part of the returns earned from our pension fund instead of giving it back to the people.

I also shared about how the prime minister's nephew said we've got a pliant court system whereby in 2017, I was 25 years old when the Singapore’s government, through the Attorney-General's Chambers, issued me a letter of demand for contempt of court.
I was made to remove 14 seconds of my YouTube video, edit three of my Facebook postings and posted a total of 18 links on my social media accounts.
Otherwise, I would potentially face 18 years’ jail and SGD$600,000 fine.
After which, the Singapore government added new sections 16 to 16AC and 19A “Protection from personal liability” to the Public Order Act (CHAPTER 257A) on 8 May 2017.

Nonetheless, I'm thankful that none of the four countries above is like the Malaysian immigration that succumbed to the tyrannical Singapore government and deported me back to Singapore, in order to prevent me from speaking and attending human rights events.

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