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Singaporean Han Hui Hui's statement against Singapore's Public Order Act

In 2014, I was interrogated for 8 hours from 2pm to 10pm without any meal because of the PUBLIC ORDER ACT.
I understand the intimidation by the police behind closed doors that Seelan faced two months ago:

In 2015, I was charged in court without any legal representation or legal aid against the top four public prosecutors in Singapore because of the PUBLIC ORDER ACT.
I understand the pressure by the prosecutors in the chambers that Jolovan faced in the last month:

In 2016, I was disqualified from standing for parliamentary election due to the fine of $3,100 because of the PUBLIC ORDER ACT.
I understand the disappointment that Roy faced when he was fined $1,900:

In 2017, I was imprisoned, handcuffed and put into solidarity confinement because of the PUBLIC ORDER ACT:
I understand the fear in Singaporeans which explains why our self-censorship is as high as the salary of Singapore's prime minister - the highest in the world.

The public order act has been amended more than thrice with at least three new sections being added ever since our #ReturnOurCPF event that more than 6,000 Singaporeans attended.

On Human Rights Day this year, 10 Dec 2017, I will be at Hong Lim Park Speakers' corner from 4pm to 7pm in pink.
Speakers' corner is the only venue that Singaporeans can exercise their rights to freedom of expression and freedom of public assembly.

If you're not in Singapore, we hope you can wear pink and take a photo outside the Singapore embassy.
Thank you.

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