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Will Changi Airport or Dnata return the three items? Or are they “lost”, “misplaced”, “confiscated”, “belt fault”, “circuit fault” or even: 'Mischievous' Singapore handler sent bags astray

I’m amused when people come to my profile asking me to reveal the identity of the person who told me that Changi Airport staff has stolen the three items.
In the email thread, it has the names of the staff from both Changi Airport and Dnata, should I publish the email thread?

I wonder if these people did ask Singapore’s ministry of health to reveal the identities of the culprits who caused the deaths of innocent Singaporeans during the Hepatitis C outbreak?

I wonder if these people did ask Singapore’s police to reveal the identities of the officers whose interrogation caused a 14-year-old to feel so hopeless that he has to commit suicide?

Apparently, no.
The lives of Singaporeans are nothing compared to the lives of the “natural aristocrats” and they don’t even question how can an Indian turn into a Malay just so she can become the president of Singapore.

Some of them deleted their own contradicting comments, such as:

“the base pay has increased”
If the base pay was lower back in 2013, does it mean that the person has to work extremely hard with long hours of overtime?

“there is no change in working hours”
If there is no change in working hours, does it mean that salary has decreased by more than 30% in Singapore?

“go to Malaysia”
It’s not about whether I want to go to Malaysia or not, but the Singapore government wants me to be in Singapore and demanded the Malaysian immigration to deport me back to Singapore LOL!
Why don’t you ask the Singapore government not to do that?!

Anyway, the owner of the pay slip has offered to come to Hong Lim Park this Sunday and you can hear the story from the direct source.

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