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Singapore: Male police officers could soon have the authority to search women

Hi everyone,

Singapore is about to pass a law to make it illegal for us to film the authority and how they abuse their power:

According to page 14 of the above document, even filming the police during a “demonstration” or anything that the authority claims “causes a serious risk to the health or safety of the public” can be considered as illegal.

Less than a year ago, Singapore’s ministry of home affairs ( and the law minister ( published statements against me with regards to my imprisonment.

However, they did not show the CCTVs of me during my imprisonment whereas other Singaporeans could view footage of their treatment in the cell:

Now, the Singapore parliament is also about to pass another law where “Male police officers could soon have the authority to search women”

With governments around the world looking up to Singapore as the leader in suppressing citizens, please share this with your network in order to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Singapore.

If we’re not allowed to film the authority and their misdeeds. Yet male police officers are allowed to search female individuals and seized all our items on the spot, how can we ever defend ourselves?

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