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Pregnant in Singapore: referral letter to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

On 2 April 2019, I went down to both Singapore hospital and polyclinic but was told I have to wait for three weeks later to get an appointment.
On 3 April 2019, I went down to the polyclinic again early in the morning as my baby wasn’t able to wait for three weeks for an appointment to get a referral to the hospital.

After paying $13.20, I managed to get an “Urgency: Direct Access SOC” referral letter, and was also told that I will be given the “appointment details within 4 working days”.

On 9 April 2019, I decided to call the hospital instead.

It was after numerous calls then I managed to secure an appointment to go to the hospital on 15 April 2019.

I was made to do two ultrasound scans in a day:
They made me pay $36 to do a "routine simple scan" where in the first scan, they claimed that my baby was small and told me to pay another $126 to do a "simple scan".
After paying $162, they told me that the first machine wasn't as good but thankfully my baby is healthy and is actually not small but normal.
It’s not just the $162 but also the few hours living in fear when they told me I needed a second ultrasound scan.

After it's confirmed that my baby has moved in the correct position for a natural vaginal delivery that was when I was made to pay another $66 to check the position of the placenta.
I have a hospital report which says that it's cleared but they wanted another report, and that's $228 spent on ultrasound alone in a day.

I was also made to pay:
$13 urine test
$22 specimen collection
$30 blood count test
$50 blood type test
$52 group b streptococcus test
As well as the consultation fee too...

As a Singaporean couple, we are only allowed to withdraw a maximum of $900 from these expenses AFTER my baby is born.
Is Singapore being the world's most expensive country to live in for 6 years in a row the reason why Singapore has the world's lowest fertility rate?

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