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Born In Singapore: Bills for Singaporean Mother and Singaporean Child

Exactly two months ago, I posted about giving birth in Singapore without a doctor:

My medical bills may not be the norm, let me explain.

During my visits to the policlinic, I’ve heard about how mothers are unable to breastfeed either because they reproduced at an older age or that they have to return to work after giving birth.
They told me about how they struggled with work life balance especially when their babies fall ill due to formula milk, such as having fever after having their vaccines.
I’m thankful to be able to breastfeed exclusively for more than two months, so I’ve yet to experience that and I hope my child will stay healthy because healthcare bills is expensive in Singapore.

Thankfully, my total bill is most probably lesser than average because:
1. Duration to deliver: My child was delivered in less than an hour - delivery ward are charged at per hour block.
2. Medication during delivery: There was no epidural or any other painkillers - I did try out the nitrous oxide while waiting for the doctor to arrive to discharge me from the delivery ward.
3. Duration to recover: I was only in the ward for a day which was the day I gave birth and I returned home immediately - most mothers in Singapore stay 2 days or more for the whole process.
4. Medication after delivery: I didn’t take any medication when I was at home - so I only paid for those the hospital gave me in case of emergencies.
5. Supplement to lactate: The hospital did ask if I wanted to buy their supplement increase milk supply and breastmilk storage to keep the excess milk - I didn't buy as I was already lactating and there was no need for me to pump.
6. Medicine for baby: There was none - excess breastmilk is used daily for bathing which has helped to prevent all skin problems thus far.
7. Consumables used: I could relief myself after delivery thus the consumables were those claimed to be for emergencies - which were brought back home and are still in the packaging as I didn't use them as well.

CPF medisave only allows one to withdraw:
1. up to $900 for pre-delivery medical expenses,
2. an additional surgical withdrawal limit between $750 and $2,150 depending on the type of delivery procedure, and
3. up to $450 for each day in the hospital.

If the family has no money in their CPF Medisave account, the following will have to be paid in cash:

$160.00 for 1st trimester ultrasound
$013.20 for polyclinic’s referral letter
$205.00 for hospital’s new visit consultation
$080.68 for hospital’s repeat visit consultation
Total: $458.68

$625.10 for mother’s delivery fee
$288.00 for mother’s medical management
$424.00 for mother’s ward
$427.00 for mother’s ward’s procedures
$308.00 for mother’s procedures
$030.00 for mother’s injections
$322.50 for mother’s consumables
$150.00 for mother’s treatment fee
$030.00 for mother’s laboratory investigations
$167.00 for mother’s specialized investigations
Total: $2771.60

$003.50 for mother’s medication preparation charge
$006.00 for mother’s sangobion
$002.24 for mother’s paraffin
$001.40 for mother’s mefenamic acid
$001.00 for mother’s famotidine
$000.75 for mother’s paracetamol
$015.00 for mother’s full blood count
$058.50 for mother’s scan to monitor heartbeat of fetus
$025.00 for mother’s screening of blood
$125.00 for mother’s delivery suite treatment fee
$037.00 for mother’s nitrous oxide inhalation
$013.00 for mother’s urine measurement in ward
$038.50 for mother’s insertion of IV drip
Total: $326.89

$308.00 for baby’s care and screening
$125.00 for baby’s ward
$127.00 for baby’s ward’s procedures
$181.00 for baby’s procedures
$009.76 for baby’s injections
$013.50 for baby’s consumables
$110.00 for baby’s treatment fee
$152.40 for baby’s laboratory investigations
$032.00 for baby’s specialized investigations
Total: $1058.66

$003.50 for baby’s medication preparation charge
$006.26 for baby’s sucrose
$015.00 for baby’s screening of blood
$018.50 for baby’s classification of blood type
$043.00 for baby’s IEM screen
$016.00 for baby’s health of both eyes and cleansing them after birth
$026.00 for baby’s BCG and Vitamin K vaccination
$030.00 for baby’s SPO2 Monitoring
$008.50 for baby’s umbilical cord examination and cleansing
$035.00 for baby’s screening to detect thyroid disorder
$051.00 for baby’s hearing screening
$008.00 for baby’s transcutaneous bilirubinometer
Total: $260.76

$130.00 for ward’s OC delivery
$022.50 for ward’s relief pad for perineal pain
$012.00 for ward’s pad incontinence
$006.50 for ward’s disposable maternity panty
$005.00 for ward’s sanitary towel
$004.00 for ward’s wet body wipes
$002.00 for ward’s box of tissue
$002.00 for ward’s micro clave connector
$003.50 for ward’s microset
$011.00 for ward’s diapers
$002.50 for ward’s baby wipes
Total: $201.00

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