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How Singapore handles the Coronavirus?

Dear Singapore Minister for Home Affairs and Law Mr Shanmugam,

Today may be the two years anniversary since the internet speculated that I was manhandled in the Singapore Parliament because of a personal vendetta as the scrap paper in my hand happened to be printed with your first wife's book cover "Authoritarian Rule Of Law: Legislation, Discourse And Legitimacy In Singapore by law academic Jothie Rajah"

Of course, I hope there is no abuse of power and the Singapore Police Force did not manhandle me because of a personal vendetta.
Although you've divorced your first wife in 2008 and marry your second wife in the same year, in 2008, I'm also a mother of two like Jothie Rajah who wrote "Authoritarian Rule Of Law: Legislation, Discourse And Legitimacy In Singapore".

As such, I'm writing to you as I'm extremely concerned about the well-being of my children and family members.

1. How children are being treated in Singapore during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
It's reported in the news that your PAP Community Foundation preschools have teachers who are infected with Coronavirus, they have then caused young children to also be infected with the Coronavirus too:
It has also been reported that there are people in different schools and colleges being infected with the Coronavirus, yet schools remained open.
Possible to know why is the government handling this differently compared to SARS when schools were closed?

2. How safe distancing are being practiced in Singapore during Coronavirus Pandemic.
More deaths due to the Coronavirus is happening in Singapore, such as a 70-year-old Singaporean man who has died due to Covid-19 infection today:
It was reported that he has no recent travel history to affected countries and regions, there are also many cases that the government always claim that "contact tracing is ongoing" but is it to any avail?
Could it be that people are being infected with the Coronavius and it's growing exponentially because Singaporeans are not practicing safe distancing at places such as our public transportation?

3. How workers are being treated in Singapore during Coronavirus Pandemic.
There are now 844 Coronavirus cases in Singapore with the latest Covid-19 cluster being a bridal salon in Yishun Industrial Street which seems to be under your constituency:
The government said that schools are not closing as they are safer than homes.
If parents don't work from home, then wouldn't they bring both the virus and their children back home without any safe distancing in the evening after work?

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks :)

A Singaporean Mother,
Han Hui Hui

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