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I'm grateful to my volunteers for helping to make the event a success (:

The Singapore government has only ratified four UN Human Rights Treaties:

CEDAW - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
CERD - International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
CRC - Convention on the Rights of the Child
CRPD - Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Singapore is affected by the Corona-virus Pandemic with more than a thousand cases reported in the country and our Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) at Orange which is the second highest level, so we are now using this period of time to raise awareness on the unpreparedness of the Singapore government as many people are forced to work during this period of time due to the lack of foresight by the government to prepare the country in times of need.

Workers are not protected since the Singapore government did not even sign the International Covenant on Economics, Social and Cultural Rights, women and children are also not spared from the disease as the Singapore government implements policies that make Singapore the most expensive country in the world for six consecutive years, where many mothers have to go to work in order for their family to be able to pay the expensive household bills by putting their children to Early Childhood Development Centres at an early age has caused Corona-virus clusters to grow at these places, resulting in children getting the Corona-virus at a vulnerable age.

Before the outbreak of the Corona-virus in January 2020, we organised a meeting of about 100 people made up of 30 fathers, 30 mothers, 20 teenagers and 20 children.

It was a two hour session with 30 mins on discussion of public housing in Singapore, 30 mins on discussion of public healthcare in Singapore, 30 mins on discussion of their plans for the future, and 30 mins discussion of their worries for their children living in Singapore.

They were to talk about what are the current policies that they feel most affected by and what do they hope will change for the future so that the lives of Singaporeans can become better.

The whole event was self-funded, from transportation to food.
There will be more families who can attend if we can afford to transport them to the event venue.
The food was prepared by the parents, so some of them looked really tired and didn't participate very actively during the sessions.

Vision: A Singapore that ratifies the International Covenant on Economics, Social and Cultural Rights.
Campaign: To raise awareness on economics, social and cultural rights in Singapore so that Singaporeans will want the government to sign and ratify the UN Human Rights Treaty.

On 18 Feb 2020, the Singapore government announced a "Unity Budget":

On 26 Mar 2020, the Singapore government announced a "Resilience Budget":

On 6 Apr 2020, the Singapore government announced a "Solidarity Budget":

As of now, we are helping Singaporeans to write letters to their companies so that they can work from home, many Singaporeans in the front-line industries are forced to go to work and be exposed to the Corona-virus without any protection due to a lack of masks in Singapore. For example, many Singaporeans who have their jobs listed as "essential services" are unable to work from home, they have to go to healthcare buildings where patients go in and out, yet these Singaporean workers are not made to wear any mask.

This lack of protection for workers is not just putting them at risk but their entire family. When they do not have to deal with patients directly and can work from home, but forces them to go to the work place is the reason why Corona-virus cases is growing at an exponential rate with many cases still undergoing "contact tracing".

My volunteers and I are currently helping these Singaporeans to be able to work from home without having their salary being deducted, or face the threat of losing their jobs as unemployment is growing in Singapore. Please let us know if you have any other information with regards to Singaporeans who still have to go to work and be exposed to the Corona-virus.


Han Hui Hui

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