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They call this the season of giving.

Last year:

Let me give you 3 examples of institutions that almost no one spoke on during GE2015.

First, AG Home.
It is a healing home dedicated to help teenage girls and their families work through challenging situations, giving hope and direction in their lives. It reaches out to troubled youths that are beyond parental control, at risk of delinquency, wayward behaviours, abuse and neglect; referred by MCYS, Schools, Family Service Centres, Youth Court, Subordinate Court and parents.

When I went with my volunteers there, their first response was “Are they ah lians? Why do they have tattoos?” and I replied “do not judge people by their looks, please respect”. There are about 20 teenage girls there, and each of them have their own unique stories that shaped them into who they are.

Do you know how they feel when they are born into families that sexually violates them? Do you know how they feel when they are being abused by others? Instead of helping them and guiding them down a path that will boost their esteem, why is the society judging and looking down on them?

Second, Marymount Centre.
It provides nurturing and safe residential care to girls aged between 4 and 16 years old. These girls come from single parent families or from families in which parents are not able to cope with the child and/or experiencing marital discord. It engages these Children and Young Persons with activities that seek to meet their physical, social, emotional and educational needs during their stay.

Studies have shown that a child grows and absorbs the fastest during their growth at this period of time. This is also the period of time where children build bonds with their caregivers. With a society that has a high cost of living, this results in couples breaking up and divorce due mostly to financial difficulties.

When I was there, the joy when you see these children's faces lid up when they saw someone caring for them is priceless, yet they are neglected. Children who have single parents or born out of wed-lock are not recognised and they are also separated from their families because the housing system doesn’t accommodate people like them. Is this the fault of the child?

Third, JAMIYAH Singapore.
It aims to care and shelter to orphans, children from disadvantaged families, regardless of race or religion. This has the most number of children at about four times more than the above two. The age is also the widest with a few of the orphan successfully entered polytechnic. Which I will not reveal due to confidentiality.

To me, they are amazing to be able to get through so much in life. With the recent miss universe incident in the news, did people remember the hard work she went through for 3 years to lose and not give up? Similarly, do people especially the classmates know what their peers have been going through when all they do is mock others as if it’s a joke?

But no one from any of the political parties brought it up during the latest election. Who understand the plights of these children? Who fights for their rights and for a society that will be able to relate to their situation then help them to move on with life? Are we going to pretend that they don’t exist and let these few small institutions be in charge?

Imagine a society that respect human rights, imagine if we do not have a high cost of living and the incumbent doesn’t inflate the cost of public housing, will they be staying at these places? Recently, public educational institutions are increasing their fees again, how will these children and their families be able to cope with them? Are they going to seep through the holes?


Forest Person said…
They don't advertise them, but they will tell you each of them have subsidies from govt every month.

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