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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child

Singaporean Han Hui Hui started blogging in 2007. Within a decade, blogging leads her to vlogging, making YouTube videos, meeting people in public, being part of public gatherings, interrogated by the Singapore police, charged in court by the Attorney-General's Chambers, fined by the authority, imprisoned by the establishment, deported by the Malaysian immigration back to Singapore under the demand of the Singapore government in 2017... To grow from a secondary school student in 2007 under the public eye, to have social media platforms being scrutinised by the people, to the extent of having public funds being used to pay the Attorney-General's Chambers so that they can type transcripts of Hui Hui's videos in order to coerce her via an unwritten law - a jail sentence of 18 years and a fine of SGD$600,000 in 2017 is something no one has, and hopefully no one will have to experience. In 2018, the gratitude to be nominated by the International Federation for Human Ri

I'm not a politician like lawyer Ravi, I was a 21-year-old student blogger when I paid the money out of POSB savings 056-93451-0

Typing this blogpost makes me appreciate my longtime readers a lot, for the support after more than a decade. Typing this blogpost makes me appreciate my new readers who bother to read through my older posts in order to know what made me who I am today. My CPF account was created when I was still studying in secondary school, a fact that no PAP Minister or PAP MPs have raised any issue with it. Only PAP supporters, haters who hate for the sake of hating, and people whom IMH has already certified to have mental issues enjoy lying that I don't contribute CPF. As for those people who claim that I don't have much in my CPF and should take my CPF money then leave the country, why don't you start a petition to ask the government to return me my CPF? Why are you stalking me too? Is it because you enjoy stalking me? Or because I'm newsworthy if you claim you didn't stalk me but I appear in the news? As per my book published by Russell Group's University of York, Ye

Singapore's new law: Foreign Interference (Counter-measures) Act (FICA)

On 4 October 2021, Singapore's Parliament passed a new law called the Foreign Interference (Counter-measures) Act (FICA). This new law is nothing but the Authoritarian Rule of Law, reinforcing the strong sense of self-censorship that Singaporeans already have. Singapore has been ruled by the same political party since, even before independence, under the British's Rule. Singapore is also known to have no free press with our press freedom ranking at 160 in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index. Being an election candidate in General Election 2015, being disqualified from standing for parliamentary election subsequently, being an election agent in General Election 2020, has put the people around me and I as the specific target of this new law. In fact, until today, the Singapore government continues to practice double standards by not releasing the CCTV footage of me during the inhumane treatment of solitary confinement:

How much to pay for a HDB BTO 3 room flat?

First, HDB in Singapore means Housing Development Board. Second, BTO in Singapore means Build To Order. Payment Number 1: HDB BTO application fee This is not our first HDB BTO application, each application costs a non-refundable $10 application fee. Imagine the amount collected when there is always more people applying than the number of flats available? Total: $10.00 Payment Number 2: HDB BTO option fee during b ooking of flat $500 for a 2 room flat $1,000 for a 3 room flat $2,000 for a 4 room flat Total: $1,010.00 Payment Number 3: HDB BTO down-payment when s igning of Agreement for Lease Category 1: Not taking bank loan 5% via CPF or cash during signing 5% via CPF or cash during collection Category 2: Bank loan ceiling of 80% 5% cash during signing 5% via CPF or cash during signing 10% via CPF or cash during collection Category 3: Bank loan ceiling of 60% 10% cash during signing 30% via CPF or cash during collection My money is in my CPF. For a $200,000 HDB BTO 3 room flat, 5% down-

SINGAPORE Housing Policies: interim rental flats

To: Dear Prime Minister Lee of Singapore, I'm sending this email as either you, or your admin has blocked me on social media. My name is Han Hui Hui, mother of two Singaporean sons named Justice 义 and Magnanimous 倜. I'm concerned about the housing policies in Singapore as I do not want my family or my future generations to be homeless. On 5 April 2021, Singapore's Parliament announced that 43,000 households will get the keys to their Build-To-Order (BTO) flats late owing to construction delays that are due to manpower shortages and supply chain disruptions. For the first time in Singapore's history, home buyers affected by Build-To-Order (BTO) construction delays may be able to cancel their flat booking without penalties.

Life as a mother of two boys before 30 in Singapore

Life as a mother in Singapore is not normal because the general marriage rate for men was 35.7 marriages per thousand unmarried men aged 15 to 49 years old in 2020, and the rate for women was 34.9 in 2020. In fact, a total of 22,651 marriages were registered in 2020 - a 10.9 per cent fall from 25,434 in 2019. Life as a mother before 30 in Singapore is not normal because the median age of resident live births for first-time mothers was 31.0 years at the time of giving birth. In fact, Chinese, Malay and Indian mothers have their first child at 31.7, 28.1 and 30.0 years, respectively. Life as a mother of two boys before 30 in Singapore is not normal because Singaporeans suffering from primary infertility and secondary infertility have increased, resulting in Singapore's total fertility rate (TFR) falling to a historic low of 1.1 in 2020. In fact, the latest report showed that 38,590 babies were born in 2020, a 1.8 per cent fall from the 39,279 births registered in 2019. Most people