Mother of three

Author of Yearning For Justice: A Mother's Musings To Her Future Child
ISBN10: 0901931217
ISBN13: 9780901931214

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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child

Singaporean Han Hui Hui started blogging in 2007. Within a decade, blogging leads her to vlogging, making YouTube videos, meeting people in public, being part of public gatherings, interrogated by the Singapore police, charged in court by the Attorney-General's Chambers, fined by the authority, imprisoned by the establishment, deported by the Malaysian immigration back to Singapore under the demand of the Singapore government in 2017... To grow from a secondary school student in 2007 under the public eye, to have social media platforms being scrutinised by the people, to the extent of having public funds being used to pay the Attorney-General's Chambers so that they can type transcripts of Hui Hui's videos in order to coerce her via an unwritten law - a jail sentence of 18 years and a fine of SGD$600,000 in 2017 is something no one has, and hopefully no one will have to experience. In 2018, the gratitude to be nominated by the International Federation for Human Ri

Singapore Attorney General's Chambers POLITICAL PERSECUTION against first Singaporean Human Rights Fellow at University of York, England, United Kingdom.

Fund Contribution: POSB savings 279-12328-0 The Singapore government AGC wants Han Hui Hui to pay SGD$22,504.90 on behalf of five Singaporeans whom she does not know and has never met. This is not the first time the AGC has targeted discrimination against Han Hui Hui. In 2013, taxpayers money was used to threaten to sue Han Hui Hui for defamation, the AGC was involved and the defamation case didn't proceed. The entire government statutory board has now ceased to exist. In 2014, Han Hui Hui was charged in court and the trial lasted two years whereby she had to fund raise a total of $4,000 to pay off the $3,100 fine and the $450 fine each, for the other two co-accused whom she does not know who they are, until she met them in court. In 2017, the AGC continued to stalk Han Hui Hui's social media