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2018 Jan: Singapore is coming up with laws against human rights (again)

Hi everyone,

On 6 Jan 2018, it was published in the news that Singapore’s Home Affairs and Law Minister said new legislation to tackle fake news was likely to be introduced this year:

On 16 Jan 2018, it was published in the news that a Select Committee tasked to look into ways Singapore can tackle online fake news is inviting the general public to submit their views and suggestions on the matter:

The irony here is Singapore’s government controlled mainstream media is often the ones spreading “fake news”.

First example:

According to judge Chay Yuen Fatt, I was fined SGD$2,500 for being the organiser of the #ReturnOurCPF movement as I “rallied her Facebook readers to come to the CPF event” and another SGD$600 as I “made vitriolic speeches to denounce the government and various government policies”.
It was testified in court that “On the Nparks website, there are three options but a Singaporean is only allowed to choose one”
Is it fair for my fellow Singaporeans and I to be found guilty for a glitch in the government website?

Second example:

Singapore government took issue with my blog post “Alone in cell.”
However, the Singapore government did not show the 4 CCTVs of me being searched and the 5 CCTVs of me in the cell:
I am the only Singaporean whose treatment inside the cell is not being shown whereas other Singaporeans were invited by the police to review their CCTVs:

Third example:

The truth is that the Singapore government, through the Attorney-General's Chambers coerced me with 18 years’ jail and SGD$600,000 fine using a law that had not been gazetted and therefore not in effect yet.
I was made to remove 14 seconds of my YouTube video, edit three of my Facebook postings and posted a total of 18 links on my social media accounts or potentially face 18 years’ jail and SGD$600,000 fine.
Since then, my volunteers and I have stopped posting online but continued doing human rights work for Singaporeans (especially in assisting their housing application or healthcare funding) yet the Singapore government demanded Malaysia’s immigration to deport me for being a "national threat" that would affect "bilateral relationship" between the two countries: and

To date, I’m the only Singaporean who has been disqualified in the upcoming general election because of the fine and the only Singaporean who is unable to enter Malaysia.
Please let me know if you need more information and feel free to forward this email to whoever you deem should know about these.
Thank you.

Han Hui Hui

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