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The Cybersecurity Bill was passed on 5 Feb 2018 and received the President’s assent on 2 Mar 2018 to become the Cybersecurity Act.

On 10 Oct 2014, I was interrogated for 8 hours from 2pm to 10pm:

In the end, investigation oficer Samantha Wong Yu Wei lost her cool when she wanted to go for dinner and told me to come another day but I said I want to finish the interrogation.
So she snatched and seized my notebook =.=

Of course, the paper notebook was returned to me in the end:

Maybe photocopying my notebook wasn’t enough?
Maybe they needed to check if there were words written with invisible ink?
Maybe there are codes inside the notebook that have to be specially decoded to find out the meaning?

If they seized my belongings, there should be a reason unless taxpayers’ money is wasted on people like Investigation Officer Samantha Wong Yu Wei?
Not exactly, since she was also one of the witnesses during the trial:

Not sure if she’s suffering from anything since she anything also “cannot recall”.

Do you know that Singapore has a Ministry for Communications and Information (MCI)?
Do you know that MCI is managing the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore which is the national agency overseeing cybersecurity strategy, operation, education, outreach, ecosystem development and is part of the Prime Minister’s Office?

CSA was formed after the 8 hours long of police interrogation on 1 April 2015:
The Cybersecurity Bill was passed on 5 Feb 2018 and received the President’s assent on 2 Mar 2018 to become the Cybersecurity Act.

The law allows them:
1. to oversee and promote the cybersecurity of computers and computer systems in Singapore;
2. to monitor cybersecurity threats, whether such cybersecurity threats occur in or outside Singapore;
3. to respond to cybersecurity incidents that threaten the national security, defence, economy, foreign relations, public health, public order or public safety, or any essential services, of Singapore, whether such cybersecurity incidents occur in or outside Singapore;
4. to establish cybersecurity codes of practice and standards of performance for implementation by owners of critical information infrastructure;
5. to perform such other functions and discharge such other duties as may be conferred on the Commissioner under any other written law.

In the name of “cybersecurity threat” they can seize “any physical or electronic record, or document, or a copy of the record or document, that is in the possession of that person, or to provide the incident response officer with any information, which the incident response officer considers to be related to any matter relevant to the investigation without giving any fee or reward, inspect, copy or take extracts from such record or document or copy of the record or document mentioned”.

Yes, “any physical or electronic record”.
Yes, “physical”.

Once again, they changed the law after ill-treating me.

This is not the first time such double standards happens in Singapore, previously, Singapore's police can invite the family of a 73-year-old lady to view the CCTV footage yet they didn’t dare to show the CCTV footage of my imprisonment:

In 2017,
I was searched at the high court before I was shackled in the court room.
I was searched at the high court basement before I was brought into the cell.
I was searched at the state court before I entered the woman's wing.
I was searched at the state court basement before I entered the cell room.

The 4 CCTVs will show

1. No privacy screen was used in all four searches.
2. The searches are humiliating and I nearly fell in one of the searches.
3. Male police officers even looked at me from outside the gate and smirked while I was being searched.

The easiest way out?

Is to change the law and make it legal for male police officers to have the authority to search women:

You can get three police to manhandle me in parliament:

Yet you can’t stop your first wife from writing a book?

First wife, not second.

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