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You should not use outward aids to make yourselves beautiful, such as the way you do your hair or the jewelry you put on or the dresses you wear.

Instead, your beauty should consist of your true inner self, the ageless beauty of a gentle, quiet spirit.

I use only Nokia. I’m clumsy, I always drop things, especially my phones and if I were to drop a smart phone, GG (good game) to me. But for Nokia, you can drop it for years and be working.

Someone told me that it’s the Great Singapore Sale and I should get clothes like from Robinson or places like that and I was like “all my shirts, except for dresses or jeans or for the bottom, are single digit, below ten bucks” this is the difference between the rich and the poor, lol…

Besides, I would rather spend on food than on things.
Have you ever hear me saying that I want clothes or shoes or bags or makeup or accessories?

And I saw a lot of girls posting photos of their nails again, lol… such girls are seriously lucky, don’t have to cook and wash and etc…

It’s like the same theory as when people first tag photos of me on fb and I was so sad about it so I went to tell shi hui, and we came to a conclusion: I was ugly, I become better which simply means I look better as days goes by. Like I said, I was from a poor family, which is why that KX incident took place. When I was in secondary school, I ever went out with girls and when guys approach, they said “You think she’s nice? OMG! Her clothes are all budget ones, two dollars only” I was like how can she say such things and yes; her dress was two hundreds a piece. But it was also then, another conclusion came about: you can wear two hundred dollars clothes on your body but it will only appear to worth two cents but a two dollars shirt on my body will worth two thousands.

Anyway, I just thought of things to rebut that girls are magnetic materials and guys are electromagnets theory, apparently, it doesn’t work. But I was too tired to think and rebut so just forget about it.

Seriously, people don’t have to ask me what I want, like I’ve always said, I can NEVER get what I want =) and I accept it. When you can’t change something, accept it and face it. I may not be happy but I’ll be contented as long as I’m not sad =)


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