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PAP & LKY supporters FAN REN RAY & Bryannz FAN RUICHENG from Cuffz Holdings are cheaters who scammed money using "GLOBAL BUSINESS CLUB PTE. LTD."

In 2010, I collected evidence to expose private education issues.When I gave the information to both the mainstream and...
Posted by Han Hui Hui 韩慧慧 on Friday, July 17, 2015

They are brothers staying at 345 Bukit Batok Street 34 #06-276 Singapore (650345)

Police report was being lodged but no action was being taken.

It’s not few tens or hundreds of dollars but thousands of dollars from a single person, imagine how many Singaporeans out there are being scammed by this pair of devious brothers?

As usual, I was curious why aren’t the police taking any action and upholding justice to return people their hard earned money, so I did a background search.

Anyway, this pair of brothers blocked me on facebook after I confronted them on behalf of my friend =.=



People are questioning why are the police not doing anything and who can they possibly be related to?

See who are their friends?

Now you know why?

As how all scams work, they’ll tell you to give them your money.
If you’ve read the above links, the kind of things they lie about to cheat and scam people’s money are as follow:

1. Three years’ worth of profit sharing.
5% if you take the money once a month.
(5% x 12 months x 3 years = 180%)
11% if you take the money once two months.
(11% x 6 times x 3 years = 198%)
Taking the profit sharing once every two months sounds good right?

2. You will be able to receive a product worth the amount that you’ve invested.
Probably keep it as souvenir or sell it to earn money?

3. You can also get US$5000 worth of their company shares.
Good deal?

When they stop picking up your calls, ignoring your SMS and blocking you on facebook as well as everywhere, most importantly, money doesn’t go into your bank account at all, you know you’ve got scammed.

My friend has no hope of getting back the money, even my idea of blogging about it was not appreciated and the respond I got was “they’re shameless enough to cheat my hard-earned money, you think they care about what you will do or believe in God or karma?”

Perhaps if we can get all other people affected out there together, I believe something can be done against them?

Probably naïve in thinking there’s justice in Singapore, nonetheless, if you would like to give it a try, do leave a reply.


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