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Monday, 24 December 2012

Alvin & Yuki wedding got cancelled 2months before it happens and Zoe Raymond locked her blog.

It’s the season of giving!

A year ago, I told you about

This is my third official year, hence there’ll be 300 beneficiaries.
It will be 60 per organisation :)
It’s great that the number of people have reduced as they have moved on to a better life =)

In the social media of Singapore, there’s this saga:
Apparently, this couple is gonna get married.

And here comes this third party.

Sounds like the pink lipstick that I recently talked about.
Every day, people go on fb and comment, the comments are very interesting…
Now I think I went on to read the comments rather that what the people actually said.

So I saw this comment

That she locked her blog, I went and it’s true.

Well, he’s earning 8k a month which will allow her to lead a tai-tai life according to people who commented as well, which is the kinda life she wants so she can just sit back, relax and not bother.
Now that’s sad, because my entertainment is now gone.

For Yuki, she should be glad as break up is better than divorce.
For Alvin, he can now go out openly with Zoe.
For Zoe, she can now become a tai-tai.

Happy ending!

I don’t understand why Yuki still wants Alvin back if she already knows he got another woman out there?
Why hold on to someone who got someone else?
I don’t understand why Alvin can’t be honest to Yuki and break up but propose to her?
Why doesn’t he just stay single and have the two girls going after him?
I don’t understand why Zoe doesn’t mind being a third party?
Is it true when people say that she enjoys being a third party since young?