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She so pretty.

All the guys are guys who I don’t hang out with at all.
All of them are random guys on fb except for the second one, he’s my sec sch classmate, yes, one of the many guys with their superficial views of judging the books by its cover and calling me names that no one will ever like me and blah blah blah.
If you’re the bf being beaten up, I suppose you must have said nasty things for no good reason since you did that before?

I didn’t reply because those are apparent, in a good term, guys who will just go against and rebut then block me thinking with all their “mature” mindset.

It brings me to differentiating guys from gentlemen.
During the past week of me doing my stuffs etc, I’ve seen how guys and gentlemen are really different.
From the way they treat me to the way they behave and speak etc.
Of course, those are for show, who doesn’t know it? =.=
The point is, at least they can do it.
Can guys do it? Or to be exact, can MCP do it?
They are like the kinda people who will criticize guys who propose in public and claim that they can do better when they don’t.

Anyway, since guys like girls who are tall (I’m short), with big boobs (I’m flat), long hair (I’m gonna cut my hair soon =), wear skirts (I’m often in pants), put on makeup (I’ve never put on makeup) they should go after…

This person who I feel is really suitable, she think so too!

So pretty!!!


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