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Church Wedding on 10 11 12.

Today, I ate a huge piece of cake

Then I had pasta

Quite value for money

My feedback

Then I went

To find

Because of a wedding at

Here’s 36 red roses

I counted

The groom helping the bride

People preparing the reception table

Guests arriving

Their card

And content

Arrival of bride

As she went through the door

Then reached

Their parents light their candles; it means they were born with their individual lives.
After that, they use their candles to light up one candle and blow their own candles off, meaning they are going to come together to start a new life and no longer just lead a life like how their past were, gotta live for one another rather than themselves.
Then the pastor talked about lotsa commitments and responsibilities.

When I think of wedding, marriage, I think of divorce not happiness.
After today, even what I used to think as the simplest wedding is so troublesome.
Better not get married.

Anyway, the bride is pretty :)
At least she got someone loving her and willing to take her as his wife to protect her with him.


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