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Marriage is like a workshop where husband works and wife shops.

I want my wedding photo album to be 40 pages with four themes, so perhaps a total of 40 photos or maybe 50 photos, depending if it’s affordable because I saw many photographers wrote 50 photos...

I do know many photographers have their own ideas and many of them encourage couples to go overseas since it’s once in a lifetime, however, price is an issue so I came out with my own simple ideas that wouldn’t be too costly.

It should be something like a cover of us holding onto a calendar, which will show the wedding date, I think it should be wedding date since ROM date will be on the cert.

Individual photos, something like when *random photos of him* meets *random photos of me*

We become strangers on the road followed by becoming friends.

After we went out to places as buddies, we get into a relationship, had arguments
(I’m being practical here and creative, because I don’t think anyone will put them arguing in a “happy” album, if anyone does that already, hey! Great minds think alike =D )

He’ll beg me back to patch back, of course it’ll be him begging me, just like the simple reason why I don’t put on makeup, because according to nature guys are supposed to attract girls.

Wedding album shouldn’t miss out wedding dress, gowns and whatever others deemed “necessary”.

In the end “they live life as it is for the rest of their lives”

Because I don’t believe in “happily ever after”.


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