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Good leaders must lead by example.

What is the definition of low income?
People earning less than a thousand dollars a months included?
They were the ones who said with a thousand dollars can buy yourself a flat so low income should be those who earns below a thousand dollars right?

In that case, ministers should just have a salary of $1000 since that is good enough right?
Then why are they getting high million dollar salary?
Is this contradiction or double standard?

Imagine a situation where citizens living in south west have to go all the way to north east to seek help then what’s the point of making them our MP for Tanjong Pagar?
Or do you even need to imagine something that already happened?

Anyway, my news has gone to MSM, so the alternatives media can talk about it now :)
But why are there so many alternative media in Singapore?
Would there be alternative media if there is free press?
There are people who came to me asking me why is CPE suing me for defamation when EASB was the one who released the news, what do you think could have happened in between?

But is that the main issue here?
I’ve known of people who flunk their O level, can’t even enter ITE studying in PEIs, with just four months, they’ll become a degree holder.

I do not want to judge or comment; I just wanna be honest and state facts.
Do not judge so that you will not be judged.


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