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Do you think they will increase prices from transportation to daily needs?

Alas, people are now convinced that Swiss transportation is that of the first world.
Singapore is indeed having a transportation that’s only comparable to the list of third world countries that critics have named, people no longer talk about Jakarta but India instead.

Finally, after 3 blog postings.
Just to bring across the fact that Singapore transportation is third world.

Nonetheless, critics won’t be called critics if they do not criticise.
It’s said that Swiss are eating snow because they spent all their money on transportation.

Perhaps it’s time to move to the Swiss standard of air, food and water?
The three basic necessities that human beings need.

It was also said that the photos may not be true as I’m not in them.
So does this show me at the top of Swiss mountain breathing the Swiss standard of air that’s natural and free from pollution?

And we’ve got Swiss standard of pasta followed by Swiss standard of rice?
Just look at the Swiss proportion compared to Singapore…

I didn’t post my own photos up previously because unlike certain people who pay $3 for a large plate of Nasi Padang meal with drink.
The meal above cost 10-20CHF so how about the Swiss standard of water?

It can be as low as 0.25CHF for 1.5L
Where in Singapore can you ever find that?

Perhaps we should look for something that’s branded right?
Something that Singapore has too?

Don’t we have NEWater?
Then why is the government increasing prices when it should be reaching economy of scale?

Their staple food such as pasta is always on discount all over Swiss, do you think the PAP government will ever subsidise your rice?
Do you think they will increase prices from transportation to daily needs which will result in inflation?

Who says the Swiss can’t afford to eat meat?
Their ham is half the thickness of that you can get in Singapore’s cold storage, perhaps this is their Swiss standard of ham while we have a different version here?

Anyway, despite the fact that the train officially broke down twice within five days but unofficially more than twice, people can board the train – it is whether they choose to.
Just like you can vote them out, it's whether if you want to :)

Singaporeans, let’s be grateful =)
Trains breaking down twice in five days is at least better than twice in five hours.


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