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#ReturnOurCPF – HDB: Ms Han Hui Hui

Good evening Singaporeans,

How many Singaporeans came to the protest today?
We see 5000 and you say 6000?
You included those under the trees is it?
Guess what they will be publishing?

500? Nope, you’re wrong, it’s 50.
Because they have to reduce it from 1000 to 500 and now to 50.
Otherwise, what will happen if they lose their jobs?
We already have so many unemployed Singaporeans, let’s not cause them to lose their jobs too.

Two months ago, we were here because of CPF minimum sum, they increased the minimum sum to 155k.
They tell you 155k is “not too much”, 5k is “derisory”, 600k is “peanuts”, how many of you have “peanuts” in your CPF accounts?
We don’t even have 155k in our CPF and they still dare to say it’s “not too much”, does such a government exist?
Exist, in Singapore, the PAP government.

First was 148k to 155k, an increase of 7k.
Now is an increase of 6k to 161k and they tell you they didn’t increase it a lot, because they only increase it by 6k instead of 7k.
But remember, now is only august 2013 and they tell you it’s an increase to 161k.
If election is to be held end of this year or early next year and you continue to vote for them, will it be more than 161k?

One month ago, we came here because of medishield life.
They increased the premiums to two or three times more.
They increased it and tell you it’s not too much, it’s affordable.
Of course you can afford it, because if you’re not dead, you’re not dead-poor.

Who says Singaporeans are poor?
Singaporeans are not poor, Singaporeans have asset.
You have a roof over your head right?
If you wanna take care of your healthcare then sell your flat in that case.

Who says you have no money?
Just sell your house and you can pay for almost everything.
From studio, to two room to three room and even four room now.
You can sell your flat or downgrade it then you can afford to pay your bills.

We have medisave accounts, we all have medisave contribution.
Our total medisave contribution yearly, if the government will spend half of it on our healthcare, we can have free healthcare for all Singaporeans.
They keep telling us that we do not have enough money, we have surpluses so we do not have enough money for who?
For them is it?

And the PAP supporters enjoy putting words into my mouth.
It’s ok, let them be, they wanna discuss what I actually said about Lee Kuan Yew then so be it.

Now they are starting to shed crocodile’s tears.
Who did they learn it from?
Who else but the first?
And these tears are very expensive, million dollars tears.

Then we came on national day too.
They expect us to be happy on national day, how do you expect us to be happy when you treat Singaporeans this way?
Singaporeans are being unemployed and some are even homeless.
Do you expect me to feel happy when I see people suffering like this?

They run a country like as if it’s their company.
They want us to put a part of our salary in the CPF.
Then the CPF minimum sum keep increasing, how many Singaporeans can reach the minimum sum?
Only one out of 8 Singaporeans.

So how did we know?
According to the parliamentary reply, HALF of active CPF members met the Minimum Sum but pledged their property.
In that case, QUARTER of CPF members met the Minimum Sum but pledged their property.
Which means only EIGHTH of CPF members met the Minimum Sum.

Tell me which government in this world ask the citizens to use their retirement fund to pay for housing?
Only the PAP government.
So this month we are here to protest against the HDB.

60% of our HDB price is on land cost.
40% is on construction but we are hiring foreigners as construction workers.
They call them the cheap labour, since they are cheap labour, shouldn’t our HDB be cheap too?
Since we are building so many flats, shouldn’t we be reaching the economies of scale?

Now they change their words, instead of making you downgrade your house, they say “right-size”.
What do you mean by “right-size”?
You mean Singaporeans will have bigger house to live in?
Or bigger flats to live in?

You’ve already made us stay in flats while you’re staying in bungalows and now you want us to live in smaller flats, is this proper?
Flats are getting smaller and smaller, what are they treating us as?
Are we some kinda animals to be living in cages?
While they themselves are staying in big bungalows?

We are merely asking for a decent roof over our head.
Yet they keep telling us to sell?
When we’re old, we’ve to sell or downgrade or rent?
Do you want a stranger walking in and out of your house?

What are they treating us as?
Who do they think we are?
What are our flats for?
Are our flats to be treated like hotels?

They keep asking us to sell our HDB, downgrade our HDB and tell us land is sacred.
Ask them to sell their own house then.
Have you looked at his plot of land along orchard road?
How many HDB can we build there?

And that’s only for one person?
Do you think one person need such a big house on such a big plot of land?
For who to stay?
Now is 7th month ok.

Enough already, actually, he’s quite pitiful as well.
He can’t retire so he wants all of us to accompany him and not retire as well.
But why can’t he retire?
Who exactly is he staying there for?

Is he staying there to help us Singaporeans?
If other people enter the parliament, things can get going and changes can be made.
Just look at other countries, 12 years old girl fighting for voting rights, 17 years old boy organising protest, and cabinet ministers in their 20s.
In Singapore we have a 90 year old who doesn’t even attend meet the people session then what kind of responsibility can we have?

You have all these old people in parliament, they don’t care about the young and future generation.
They only care about what happen if they retire?
Which company will they be holding directorship in?
Of course they don’t care about the 15k because they are more interested in how much they can get by being the directors of the various companies.

Since their source of income are mainly from holding directorship, do you think they work for the companies for work for us the people?
Why should they help you?
Don’t you see they are exploiting you?
Otherwise how can they earn their money?

Why should we be spending 60% on HDB prices when we do not own but lease it?
And many Singaporeans still think they own their flats?
No, you don’t own your flat, you lease it.
A lease is a kind of rent and worse than a rent.

Some people can say they earn “profit” from selling their flats.
Do you know what accrued interest is?
Have you ever wondered why it is even a 99 year old lease?
Do you wanna get chased out when your lease is up?

Which government will ask you to keep working rather than retire?
They tell us we can’t take care of our money so they have to keep it for us?
If we can take care of ourselves from 20 to 55 then why can we take care of our own money?
What kind of government will say such things?

In other countries, retirement and housing funds are separated.
Only the PAP government will combine our retirement and housing funds together.
Is there any other government that does that?
Is it reasonable for them to be telling us such things?

Recently, they said that degree is no longer so important.
Why is it not so important?
Is it just like how they said that Chinese is not so important as well?
Just because they can’t do it so they loosen it?

Now they say degree is not important?
Do you know how many degree holders are jobless?
Do you know how many degree holders have debts?
Do you know how many degree holders are unable to pay off their study loans?

They tell you that a degree is not important.
Then they laugh at their political opponent’s O level certificate.
Just think about it if they will look down on anyone’s education when election comes.
Can’t you see they are always using the same tactics?

Are they politicians or are they roti prata sellers?
Even if they want to sell mee siam, they don’t even know if they should put hum.
They still have the cheek to tell us that if we are not spending $10 on our meals then what we are eating is unsuitable for humans?
And another person will say $2.50 can get you a big meal with drinks?

In punggol, people are drinking brown water, it looks so muddy and dirty.
And woodland has corpse juice?
Yet they tell us we can drink it?
They don’t even dare to drink the NEWater that they invented, they still dare to tell us to drink it?

These kinda people don’t even know the difficulties that we are facing in our daily lives.
They don’t even know how much the price of food is.
When we travel in public transport and it’s congested, they wanna put a traffic light to solve the problem?
Excuse me, even though I have myopia, I can see when it’s crowded on the train station.

So what if there’s a traffic light outside the train station?
I have eyes to see if it’s crowded or not, ok?
What happens if it’s not green?
Do you expect people to walk from their home punggol to their office in raffles place?

Are they thinking of policies to better the lives of Singaporeans?
So what if you build the traffic light?
Does it solve congestion problem?
Who voted for such transport minister who don’t know how to solve our transportation problems then they’re going to increase our transport fare and pass the cost to us?

These kind of ministers have no sense of responsibility.
Remember what happened to the Mas Selamat case?
Why are they scolding the police and security guards?
Are they trying to shrink responsibilities?

They are not transparent towards our CPF money and there’s no accountability.
We just want to know exactly where our hard-earned money is.
Is it so hard for them to tell us where it exactly is?
And ask tell us why do we want so much money to retire?

When people tell them they hope to take out the money to travel overseas for holiday after working for decades, they say you’re too old to travel.
Wow, you’re too old to travel for holiday but you’re not too old to work?
They tell us they care for our health and we’re too frail to travel for holiday?
If you care for our health then why are you asking the elderly to continue working?

They even dare to tell us that healthcare is affordable in Singapore because a heart-bypass cost $8?
Come one, tell me which other Singaporean has an $8 heart-bypass?
Is it only them?
Why do we have to pay so much?

What exactly are these MPs doing and what kinda policies are they coming up with?
They told us 7% GST is to help the poor?
But are the poor being helped?
Why should we pay 60% to HDB for land when we’re just leasing our flats?

They keep telling us the CPF minimum sum is for the future and for our retirement?
If we can’t even survive from 40s to 50s, can we still live till 60s or even 70s?
If election is to come end of this year or early next year, and people continue to vote for them, next June and August, you think about what will happen to your minimum sum and all other policies that they will come up with.

They come up with something call save the earth?
They can’t even save the stray dogs and cats, they can’t even save the elderly and make them lie along the hospital corridors, but they wanna save the earth?
They don’t even save the innocent children from single parent families, yet they wanna save the earth?
What joke are you trying to tell me?

Our CPF minimum sum no longer allow Singaporeans to retire because we shouldn’t be using retirement fund to pay for public housing in the first place.
There’s no need to increase Medishield Life premium when we have surpluses every year.
We shouldn’t be paying 60% for HDB price for land cost, we need the breakdown of construction cost especially when we are using cheap labour and should have reached the economies of scale.
Tell me which government in this world will let permanent residents purchase public housing instead of only private housing?

Because of these three issues, we have been protesting the past three months over them.
But are they listening to us?
They are not listening to us.
So we should not vote for them anymore.

We will come again next month on 27 Sep at 4pm.
If they want us to pay for so many things, to reach the minimum sum, paying for Medishield Life premiums, HDB prices then are they taking care of employment for Singaporeans?
Do they make sure that Singaporeans are employed and paid fairly so they we can afford these?
We will protest against them for not taking care of employment for Singaporeans.

Thank you.


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