Author of Yearning For Justice: A Mother's Musings To Her Future Child  
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ISBN13: 9780901931214  
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Singaporeans feed stray animals.

And they are wrong.
Because they are Singaporeans.
Unless they are PAP MPs.

There are strays that make loud noises.
Have you ever went to take a look and find out why?
Yes, they will be hostile in the beginning.
That’s because they were traumatised, but traumatised by what?
Did you find out?

There are strays that will take a long time to be tamed.
But it won’t be long if there’s love.
Love so genuine that they can feel it.
Once they can feel it, they will trust you.
And they will be hostile no more.

Such sensitivity is most likely due to them being ill-treated.
They gave their trust to their previous owner only to be abandoned.
Perhaps they were being treated violently as well which made them scared.
Once you’ve proved your love to them, they will know.

When you’re sad, they will end up as the one comforting you.
Not all strays want food or shelter.
Some wants attention, someone to cuddle them and love them.
They can be tamed.

Some strays appear hostile to one another, perhaps they have misunderstanding.
They were scared, they thought each other are predators.
But they can be brought together and they can even be friends.

Have you ever taken care of the strays before?
Try doing so for a week and you’ll see how they stop being hostile to you.
Try for a month and you will see them coming to you.
Try for a year and you will be touched but disappointed to realise that some humans are worse than strays.


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