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Who is Han Hui Hui? Does she have a CPF account?

Yes, in fact, I have my CPF account in 2007, a year before I started blogging about working and studying at the same time.
I started blogging in 2008 when I was in college, by the year 2009, I was featured in magazines as a relationship guru.
I blogged about my daily life and I’ve neither wanted nor claimed myself to be a socio-political blogger.

In 2010, I started blogging about the society’s pursuit of paper qualifications and how JC students were considered promising, poly students were considered average while ITE students are hopeless.
I started to question why must we follow this education path to later compare monetary and materialistic achievements, is this the purpose of life?
For that, I got my first legal threat and went through negotiation in 2010 and mediation in 2011.
The continual questioning of the system got me into more legal trouble in 2012 as I went through arbitration.
Nonetheless, I still want an answer because I believe in transparency and accountability rather than blind beliefs that probably aren’t even true.

In 2013, the Singapore government through the Ministry of Education made use of CPE to issue letter of demand to sue me for defamation when I raised questions about foreign talents and degree mills.
In 2014, the Singapore government through the Ministry of National Development made use of Nparks to ban me from organising any public assembly or speaking in public at Hong Lim Park.
In 2015, the Singapore government through the Ministry of Home Affairs made use of SPF to charge me with two criminal charges that could disqualify me from standing for election in the year 2020.
In 2016, I’m continuing this fight because I still believe there is justice even through many have told me to give up as 70% of the population voted for such abuse on human rights.

I started organising monthly events since November 2013 after the court case with CPE ended in October 2013.

The events first started with the topic on education.
It was because the defamation suit with the Singapore government is the second in the world and the first case in Singapore, where the government used taxpayers’ money to sue a citizen.
Yet the questions on the education system and degree mills is never answered even up till date.
The government, however, did admit that there were foreigners using degree mills to gain employment in both private and public sector later on in 2015.

In February and March 2014, events with regards to the budget as well as Service and Conservancy Charges were organised to raise awareness on issues.
For the purpose of questioning how are public funds being allocated and why is it that other countries such as Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden are able to provide free education to their people even at universities level?

In Singapore, we have to pay Service and Conservancy Charges to the town council for managing our estate.
As a resident of Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency and there was a total of SGD$4,470,001 accumulated surplus transferred to the sinking fund on 18 April 2011 and, a total of SGD$191,930,738 in the Sinking Fund as of 31 March 2012.
Back then, the event was organised as I was wondering when will this amount of money be used to better the lives of Singaporeans living in Tanjong Pagar GRC and what about the money in the sinking fund of all the other constituencies in Singapore?

Moving on till May 2014, an event to raise awareness on labour rights such as independent labour unions was organised.
It is only natural that the event for the following month be on the Central Provident Fund which is a pension fund for Singaporeans, as all workers have to pay a compulsory 17% of our income to our CPF account.
Additionally, employers are required to pay an additional 20% of our income to this CPF account whereas foreigners do not have any CPF accounts.
In the eyes of employers, money transferred into the CPF account is akin to employees’ salary yet in the eyes of employees, those are money being taken away for public healthcare and public housing.

On the CPF issue, there were a total of 4 CPF events being organised monthly from June 2014 till September 2014.
The four main issues that were being raised were minimum sum, public healthcare, public housing and employment rights.

According to Singapore’s parliamentary reply, half of active CPF members met the minimum sum but pledged their property.
Which means a quarter of CPF members met the minimum sum after pledging their property and only one out of eight CPF members met the minimum sum without pledging property.
I was wondering, who is there to fight for higher wages for the workers so that Singaporeans can retire when the members of parliament are fighting for multi-million salaries and threatened that they will be corrupt if they don’t collect this much money?

One month later, the second event on CPF was organised, it was about our public healthcare.
In Singapore, CPF members are forced to put aside part of our income into our Medisave Accounts, we are also being forced to buy MediShield Life, the government’s healthcare insurance scheme.
Nonetheless, there are 1.65 million inactive CPF members out of the total 3.53 million CPF members, many do not have sufficient money in their Medisave accounts to pay for their MediShield Life premiums and may be either forced to pay additional interest rate or to even go to jail.
I was wondering, why is it that Singapore being a rich country refuse to provide basic healthcare for our fellow Singaporeans when countries such as France, Germany, Japan and Sweden can provide free healthcare for its people?
Moreover, is it fair for a government to force its people to buy a product and then later jail them when they can’t afford to pay it when the penalties are as high as 17% being imposed on outstanding premiums.?

In August, two events were held, one on national day and the other two weeks later.
I spoke on both events as the first commemorates a year since I first spoke at Hong Lim Park while the second was on Singapore’s public housing system.
According to Singapore’s public housing, HDB’s Annual Report 2014/2015, there were $137 million in CPF housing grants to eligible buyers.
However, the sale proceeds for housing was $6.7 billion, which means that the housing grants was only about two per cent ($137 million divided by $6.7 billion) of the sale proceeds.
I was wondering, which government in this world can earn profit from the sales of public housing especially when 60% of the price of HDB is being set to land cost?

Right now, I have two criminal charges against me for what happened on 27 September 2014.
The 4th event with regards to CPF, focusing on jobs, that was because of the Europe crisis and I know Singapore will be facing recession.
This can be seen from how the government called for an early election and after the election, people who worked in the public sector has a bonus of 0.65 month when they used to have bonus of 2.5 months
and bonus of 2.3 months in 2013 as well as 2014 respectively.
I was wondering, is it fair to the people when the government cover up stories such as Hepatitis C, economic recession and called for an early election to win votes when the fundamental needs of the people are not being taken care of?

I will be facing an another 3-days trial from 24 to 26 Feb 2016 from 9am to 6pm at Singapore’s criminal court.
Six of us were being charged but half have pleaded guilty as the stress and pressure is simply way too high coupled with the risk of losing one’s job.
In fact, we may not have a written submission…
Is it a fair trial when they give us the transcript for less than a month?
Is it fair to us when we do not have any legal representation or legal aid and none of us is legally trained?
Is it fair that the 4 deputy public prosecutors release the list of witnesses and show us the evidence on the spot itself giving us not a single chance to prepare and defend ourselves?

Rome wasn’t built in a day; Singaporeans would not go to Hong Lim Park for no good reason.
Less to say protest, march, chant, shout, blow whistles, hold placards, wave flags or beat drums for no good reason.
Here is a record of events that led to what happened on 27 Sep 2014 that resulted in me having two criminal charges and 5 other fellow Singaporeans to be charged together with me.

Our next trial date is from 24 to 26 Feb 2016 from 9am to 6pm.
The one video evidence that was used in court is no longer available on YouTube - which claimed that we marched 5 rounds around Hong Lim Park within 17 minutes.



Dear all,I need you to bring your families and friends to come to HLP on 27 Sep 4pm.Their grassroots will have 5000...
Posted by Han Hui Hui 韩慧慧 on Thursday, 25 September 2014

According to Nparks: “approval does not entitle any approved person to exclusive use of Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park”...
Posted by Han Hui Hui 韩慧慧 on Friday, 26 September 2014

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