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Monday, 20 March 2017

2007 to 2017

Hello blog, how have you been?
In two thousand eight, you were first seen
You were a place for my poetry
For my videos and photography

Things have changed the past decade
Now people mock you and throw shade
Ego is big and jealousy is high
I’ve gotta tolerate to keep my head high.

Collecting money, people flame me
They poked fun and made me into meme
Little was given and still in deficit
More than 10k and I no longer solicit

You’re worth 10 years of my memories
The past 10 years were filled with adversaries
From negotiation to mediation
From arbitration to demonstration

To start working in two thousand seven
I realized that life ain’t heaven
Nine to five, the poor just work
Hi and bye, the rich network

Kindergarten as a group leader
Primary school as a class leader
Secondary as a CCA leader
JC as a college leader

Those were the times to be remembered
Teachers and lecturers wrote them in my testimonials
Now they call me the protest leader
More than 6,000 whom I have lead them

More than 6,000 Singaporeans
Do you believe that I can lead them?
In 2016, they insist I’m the leader
In 2017, they persist I’m the leader

What can I do, you tell me?
Is there anyone, who win this?
Fighter fights so the world be better
Just don’t fight a sure lose battle

No defamation suit, cause I didn’t lie
Yet many other cases have filled up my life
People asked, is this just for slime?
Spending my money, effort and time

Never a sponsored candidate
Just an independent candidate
Have already said that I’m still in deficit
More than 10k and I no longer solicit

Remember how I have used to volunteer?
Remember how I have helped and cheered?
The articles that I have translated
The volunteers that I have gathered

I’m not asking you to thank
You’re older but don’t pull your rank
I know I’m a young female
Does that make me less than a male?

I care about housing
It’s a place I’m living in
I care about healthcare
It’s my health, shouldn’t I care?

I care about human rights
We’re all humans, am I not right?
I care about CPF money
Shouldn’t there be transparency?

I care about interrogation
Young boys died because of that reason
I care about inhumane conditions
Shouldn’t we be in a cultured civilization?

It’s ok if I don’t win
At least I stood up for what I believe in
My life isn’t about winning but the journey
I still want accountability towards our CPF money.