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Singapore's new law: Foreign Interference (Counter-measures) Act (FICA)

On 4 October 2021, Singapore's Parliament passed a new law called the Foreign Interference (Counter-measures) Act (FICA).

This new law is nothing but the Authoritarian Rule of Law, reinforcing the strong sense of self-censorship that Singaporeans already have.

Singapore has been ruled by the same political party since, even before independence, under the British's Rule.
Singapore is also known to have no free press with our press freedom ranking at 160 in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index.

Being an election candidate in General Election 2015, being disqualified from standing for parliamentary election subsequently, being an election agent in General Election 2020, has put the people around me and I as the specific target of this new law.

In fact, until today, the Singapore government continues to practice double standards by not releasing the CCTV footage of me during the inhumane treatment of solitary confinement:

The so-called Foreign Interference Countermeasures Act (FICA) was first tabled last month and has been passed since the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) has all but 10 of the 93 seats in parliament.
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FICA allows authorities to compel internet, social media service providers and website operators to provide user information, block content and remove applications.
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The government can also designate organisations or individuals as "politically significant persons" if their work is directed towards a political end. This means they could be required to disclose their funding sources.
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The fact that this legislation was rushed through parliament, lacks sufficient independent oversight, and introduces severe and disproportionate penalties only adds to evidence of Singapore’s authoritarian leanings.
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Given this period of global pandemic, surely resources should be put into good use for our front line workers?

Given this period of increasing deaths due to Covid-19, surely resources should be put into good use for patients so that they don't have to stay at the basement of hospital carparks?

Given this period of living with the coronavirus, surely resources should be put into good use like training the police to raid nightclubs that have been active under the guise of family friendly restaurants?

With the law minister and the home affairs minister being the same fellow, surely Singapore should be improving instead of deteriorating like the current situation?

Please share to raise awareness and let me know if you have any questions.


Han Hui Hui

Mother of two Singaporean sons
(received letters for their National Service and worrying over the countless deaths that happened due to "accidents" under Singapore's compulsory conscription)


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