Author of Yearning For Justice: A Mother's Musings To Her Future Child  
ISBN10: 0901931217  
ISBN13: 9780901931214  
Fund Contribution: POSB savings 279-12328-0

I'm not a politician like lawyer Ravi, I was a 21-year-old student blogger when I paid the money out of POSB savings 056-93451-0

Typing this blogpost makes me appreciate my longtime readers a lot, for the support after more than a decade.
Typing this blogpost makes me appreciate my new readers who bother to read through my older posts in order to know what made me who I am today.

My CPF account was created when I was still studying in secondary school, a fact that no PAP Minister or PAP MPs have raised any issue with it.
Only PAP supporters, haters who hate for the sake of hating, and people whom IMH has already certified to have mental issues enjoy lying that I don't contribute CPF.
As for those people who claim that I don't have much in my CPF and should take my CPF money then leave the country, why don't you start a petition to ask the government to return me my CPF?
Why are you stalking me too?

Is it because you enjoy stalking me?
Or because I'm newsworthy if you claim you didn't stalk me but I appear in the news?

As per my book published by Russell Group's University of York, Yearning For Justice: A Mother's Musings To Her Future Child

I’ve paid lawyer Ravi $21565; it’s not pro-bono: $10755 from POSB savings 056-93451-0 and $10810 from POSB savings 279-12328-0

When I was a student blogger, I used to do blogshop and I used POSB savings 056-93451-0 to receive payments.
POSB savings 279-12328-0 was specially created in 2013 to receive public funds and anyone who has contributed can feel free to contact POSB if they want to take their money back.

Total amount paid to Ravi: $21565
Total amount received from public: $6720.87
Total shortfall / deficit: $14844.13

I ended up paying $14844.13 out of my own pocket from POSB savings 056-93451-0 hopes this clarifies whatever ongoing rumours.

I work. I have CPF.

I'm not a childless person waiting for the government to screw me, I'm a mother who is tandem nursing, homeschooling, and earning money through my blogshop to support my family.
If a mother can't do all these things, so all the PAP MPs who are mothers are all useless and leeching off taxpayers' money?

Below are evidence I've paid lawyer Ravi, if the money wasn't received, let me know so that I can make police report to say that money is missing.

As of Nov 2021, POSB savings 056-93451-0 is still receiving payments for my blogshop.
If anyone claims to have contributed but your money is not received, please post your transaction evidence so that I can make police report to say that money is missing.


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